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Sorry for missing Tax Twitter Tuesday last week. I was up in D.C. slapping lawmakers around ... if only! I was finishing up my term as a member of the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel. But since were close to Capitol Hill, some of my fellow TAPpers headed over to the Senate one evening to watch part of the health care debate. Are we a lively group, or what!? So T3 is a week late, but not short of interesting tax tidbits from the Twitterverse. Since we've already been waiting almost seven full days, let's get to it! @SusanEJacobsen Drink, Drive, Crash,... Read more →

It's Tax Twitter Tuesday time again! Sorry I'm a bit tardy. This Tuesday had me in a real tizzy! But I'm finally here, and glad you are, too. For first-timers, on the third Tuesday of each month I sift through the gazillion tax Tweets and collect some as a blog post here at Don't Mess With Taxes. If you're on Twitter and talk about taxes, all you have to do is keep doing what you're doing. The new lists feature should help me find your item. But just to make sure I do, you can always "at" me; that is,... Read more →

I hope all y'all got a good night's sleep after Halloween festivities. It sure helped to have the extra hour we got from "falling back" into Standard Time overnight, didn't it? So what are you going to do with that precious bit of extra time? If you've got nothing special planned, here are a few tax-related ways to spend it. You can find out the tax buzz via The Wandering Tax Pro's latest compilation of tasty tax tidbits. They're almost as appetizing as the kid's candy that you've been sneaking as snacks! If you Twitter, please feel free to peruse... Read more →

Welcome to our second Tax Twitter Tuesday. As noted in the inaugural edition on Sept. 15, I gather tax info and comments from the popular social networking program Twitter. Then on the third Tuesday of each month, the Tweets become a blog post here at Don't Mess With Taxes. If you tweet taxes, all you have to do is keep doing what you're doing. Based on how much time I waste spend networking on the site, I should run across your 140 character (or less) tax bon mots. To make sure I do, you can "at" me; that is, include... Read more →

What a fun idea! ESPN should televise a National Tax Bee, a la the annual National Spelling Bee broadcast. That's the suggestion of Mary O'Keeffe, who blogs at Bed buffaloes in your tax code. "The popular stereotype of a tax professional paints them as bland and boring, robotic and devoid of personality," writes Mary. "Reading tax pro blogs has certainly convinced me otherwise." As tax pros worthy of our television attention, Mary proposes a lineup of Robert D Flach, who blogs as The Wandering Tax Pro; Kelly Erb, aka the blogosphere's taxgirl; and The Tax Lawyer's Blog author Peter Pappas.... Read more →

Today is the debut of a new feature here on the ol' blog: Tax Twitter Tuesday. Or, as my tax Twitter pal Robert D Flach, aka @rdftaxpro on the social media site, dubbed it, T3. Actually, Robert, it's going to be T4, as Tax Twitter Tuesday will appear on the third Tuesday of each month. (That wasn't planned; this first appearance just happened to fall that way and I decided it was blogging/Twittering fate.) "So," as RDF asked, "@taxtweet (that's me!) what's the story with T3?" The story is I spend a lot (some days too much) time on Twitter.... Read more →

The IRS is continuing to move into social media. A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the agency's YouTube video page. Last week at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in Dallas, the IRS was continually touting its Twitter presence, @InternalRevenue. Will the IRS get personal and chatty as is the Web 2.0 way? Nah. But that's understandable. While the agency and its employees would definitely like folks to think more positively about them (who doesn't?), that's not the IRS and IRS employee goal. They've got to focus on getting out correct and timely information to the public. Twitter and... Read more →

Is your new 'friend' a tax collector?

Be careful about the financial information you share via social media sites. State tax offices are paying attention. In today's Wall Street Journal, Laura Saunders reports that state revenue agents are nabbing scofflaws by mining information posted on social-networking Web sites. Relocation announcements, professional profiles and, not surprisingly, boasts of financial success are catching collectors eyes, and adding to state treasuries. Tax officials in Minnesota, California and Nebraska were cited in the story as having success locating tax deadbeats who shared a little too much online. MySpace seems to be, for now, the primary source of finding out about individuals... Read more →

Rudy Giuliani Twitter page ... or not

One of my hopes in using Twitter, in addition to making new e-friends, was that I'd find some useful fodder for blog posts. Touchdown! Bonanza! Cha-ching! Look at the Twitter screen shot below and apply your own "we have a winner" word. I ran across this faux Rudy Giuliani page in searching for presidential candidates, of either party, who are making use of this Internet avenue to connect with potential voters. But it seems that most aren't into social media. I found an admittedly fake Mitt Romney, as well as other twitterers using the MassUtahan's name. Ron Paul's campaign has... Read more →