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New England shoppers this weekend are enjoying the final two back-to-school sales tax holidays of 2015. Massachusetts shoppers are taking advantage of no 6.25 percent state sales tax on most personal items costing $2,500 or less. The holiday began today, Saturday, Aug 15, and runs through Sunday, Aug. 16. Neighboring Connecticut holds a week-long tax holiday. It kicks off tomorrow, Sunday, Aug. 16, and offers shoppers relief from the state's 6.35 percent sales tax on clothing and footwear priced at $100 or less through next Saturday, Aug. 22. Saving on city taxes, too: While the holidays are the products of... Read more →

This weekend is prime sales tax holiday season. Shoppers in 13 states will get a chance to trade beach bags for backpacks as part of the popular back-to-school tax-free events. Nine 3-day holidays: Starting today, Friday, Aug. 7, through Sunday, Aug. 9, nine states -- Alabama, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia -- are offering their residents three full days to pick up eligible products sans sales tax. Tax holidays also begin today in Iowa and Louisiana, but they end at midnight Saturday, Aug. 8. A week or more: Shoppers in Florida and Maryland get... Read more →

Hello, Cleveland and the rest of the Buckeye State. Welcome to the state sales tax holiday fraternity. Ohio will hold its first-ever tax holiday next weekend, Aug. 7-9. Like many others, it's aimed at back-to-school shoppers and offers tax savings on certain clothing and school supplies. Meanwhile, Massachusetts once again took its sweet time in deciding whether to offer Bay State shoppers some sales tax savings. A measure for a mid-August holiday weekend finally cleared the legislature on Wednesday, July 29, and is awaiting the governor's signature. Georgia and Mississippi kick off the 2015 summer sales tax holidays this Friday,... Read more →

Attention shoppers. You can save some tax dollars thanks to upcoming sales tax holidays in Texas, Virginia and Louisiana. Texas kicks off the May spate of tax-free shopping with its annual energy efficiency tax holiday on Memorial Day weekend. Tax-free Texas shopping will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, May 23 -- and you can be sure some stores will have special openings as Friday night rolls into the holiday weekend -- and runs until 11:59 p.m. on Memorial Day Monday, May 25. During these three days, Texans won't pay any state or local sales tax on certain energy efficient... Read more →

The kids are finally back in class. Thanks to a variety of summer sales tax holidays across the country, their parents saved some cash on school clothing and supplies. Now a handful of states is offering energy-related sales tax holidays. In all cases, the eligible tax-free items are Energy Star or WaterSense, certified. These programs, run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and, in the case of Energy Star, also the Energy Department Energy, encourage the use of energy- and water-efficient products and practices. Florida kicked off the energy-related sales tax holidays on Friday, Sept. 19. Shoppers can save on... Read more →

It's a great weekend for Louisiana and Mississippi hunters and gun enthusiasts. Both states are holding Second Amendment sales tax holidays. The tax-free events began at 12:01 a.m. today, Sept. 5, and run through midnight on Sunday, Sept. 7. Louisiana's tax-free gun sales event has been around since 2009. This weekend, however, is the first sales tax holiday for weapon purchases in neighboring Mississippi. During these 72 hours, the sales taxes in both states -- 4 percent in Louisiana and 7 percent in Mississippi -- is not due on certain guns and related purchases. Similar sales tax holiday rules: The... Read more →

August is half over. You know what that means. The final late-summer sales tax holidays are here. It once again took Massachusetts lawmakers a while to hammer out that state's tax holiday, but they finally agreed that Bay State shoppers can hunt for tax-free deals this weekend, Saturday, Aug. 16, and Sunday, Aug. 17. On these two days, Massachusetts consumers can purchase just about anything without worrying about tax as long as the items don't cost more than $2,500 apiece. There still are a few things that are taxable this weekend in Massachusetts regardless of cost: all motor vehicles, motorboats,... Read more →

Shoppers are on alert in Texas and Maryland this weekend. Back-to-school sales tax holidays are on tap in these two states. Here are the tax-free shopping details for my current and former states of residence. TEXAS Friday Aug. 8 through Sunday, Aug. 10 The Lone Star State kicks off this final flurry of back-to-school shopping today. Between now and stores' close of business on Sunday, Texans can pick up most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced under $100 sales tax free. Texas' state sales tax rate is 6.25 percent, but cities, counties, special purpose districts and transit authorities also... Read more →

A dozen states welcome August with sales tax holidays. Three more will hold similar events deeper into the month. Massachusetts lawmakers are still pondering exactly when in August their shoppers will get some tax savings. It's the usual sales tax holiday suspects. And although the annual events are often referred to as back-to-school tax holidays, there's a wide variety of items that are exempt for a few days from state and in many cases local sales taxes. Not in N.C.: There is, however, one state missing. For the first time in 12 years, North Carolina won't be holding a sales... Read more →

Mississippi gets a lot of grief for being at the bottom of some national lists. But when it comes to the annual spate of sales tax holidays, the Magnolia State takes the lead. Mississippi's annual sales tax holiday is this Friday, July 25, and Saturday, July 26. It might be first, but it has lots of company. Sixteen states, or possibly 17 if Massachusetts lawmakers make a move before they recess next week, will offer shoppers sales tax savings on selected items this summer. These events are decried by tax policy analysts as terrible ways to run a state's revenue... Read more →

Weather changes from an expected El Niño system this year should slow down development of hurricanes this year, but the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns that is no excuse for not preparing for possible storms. NOAA's 2014 Atlantic hurricane season outlook is for eight to 13 named storms, meaning they contain sustained winds of 39 mph or higher. Graphic courtesy National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Meteorologists at NOAA's Climate Prediction Center expect three to six to become hurricanes. To reach that designation, the storms must have winds of 74 mph or higher. And one or two of those... Read more →

Missouri knows how to celebrate Earth Day, April 22. It's smack-dab in the middle of the state's annual Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday. The holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, April 19, and runs until midnight on Friday, April 25. During those seven days, Missouri shoppers won't have to pay the state's 4.225 percent sales tax on at least a portion of certain Energy Star new appliances. The qualifying energy-efficient products include: Clothes washers Water heaters Dishwashers Air conditioners Furnaces Refrigerators Freezers Heat pumps Up to $1,500 on each eligible appliance is exempt from sales tax. Cities etc. tax-free,... Read more →

Gun lovers in Louisiana, this is your weekend. Starting today, Friday, Sept. 6, and running through Sunday, Sept. 8, your purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies are free from sales tax. That's right. It's Louisiana's Second Amendment Sale Tax Holiday time. Louisiana sporting goods store owners say the annual tax-free event is bigger than Black Friday. Firearms shopping list: Firearms eligible for the sales tax exemption include shotguns, rifles, pistols, revolvers or other handguns that are legally sold or purchased in Louisiana. Ammunition for the weapons also is tax free. Hunting supplies are exempt from sales tax only if... Read more →

The summer 2013 sales tax holidays are coming to an end. Maryland's week-long tax-free event wraps up at 11:59 p.m. today, Aug. 17. Then Connecticut closes out this year's "back-to-school" tax-free days with its holiday period beginning Sunday, Aug. 18, and running through Saturday, Aug. 24. In Connecticut, the only other state to offer a full week of tax savings on selected products, no sales tax will be collected on clothing or footwear priced at less than $300. Nutmeg State shoppers can buy as many items as they want and not owe the state's 6.35 percent sales tax as long... Read more →

Minnesota is not one of the 18 states with back-to-school sales tax holidays this year. But shoppers there still might be able to turn what they paid for school supplies into tax savings. The North Star State offers two tax breaks for school-related expenses for kindergarten through 12th grade students who attend public, private or home schools. The K-12 education subtraction works much like the federal adjustments to income, also known as above-the-line deductions. It reduces the amount of income upon which a Minnesota taxpayer must calculate state tax due. The less income, generally the smaller the tax bill. The... Read more →

Massachusetts never RSVPs to the sales tax holiday party, but always seem to show up just in time for the celebration. For the third straight year, Bay State lawmakers passed last-minute legislation creating a sales tax holiday. It's the ninth sales tax holiday in Massachusetts in the past 10 years. So Massachusetts shoppers can officially head to stores on Saturday, Aug. 10, and Sunday, Aug. 11, and pick up just about anything without having to pay sales tax as long as the items don't cost more than $2,500 apiece. Three more tax holidays on tap: Also being held, or starting,... Read more →

I've heard of traffic grinding to a halt because of shoppers jamming the roads in search of bargains, but this is a first for me. The Georgia Department of Transportation is keeping roads open around certain construction zones to make it easier for shoppers to take advantage of the state's upcoming sales tax holiday. Two days tax free: First, here's the scoop on the event that's driving folks into the state's stores. The Peach State's annual back-to-school tax-free event takes place Friday, Aug. 9, and Saturday, Aug. 10. On those two days, sales tax is waived on: Clothing and footwear... Read more →

Summer is winding down, but someone forgot to tell the heat gods. Here in Texas, August rolled in on 100+ degree temperatures. That means my air conditioner is going crazy again. Me, too! I suspect a lot of my neighbors will end up getting new cooling units. If they haven't used one of the earlier iterations of the residential energy efficiency tax credit or have but claimed less than $500, they might be able to get help from Uncle Sam to make it through the remaining hot months. That's just one of the August Tax Moves you'll find in the... Read more →

Shoppers in 12 states can buy a variety of items this weekend, or at least part of it, and not worry about paying sales tax on the purchases. For North Carolina's shoppers, it will be a bittersweet three tax-free days. This will be the Tar Heel State's last back-to-school sales tax holiday. The state's recently enacted tax overhaul eliminated the tax-free weekend, which the N.C. Department of Revenue said cost the state an estimated $13.6 million last year and is expected to cost about $13.4 million this year. North Carolina's tax-free weekend and those in 11 other states are previewed... Read more →

It's that time of year again. Parents are down to their last nerve as summer vacation seems to drag on forever. But hold on moms and dads. The resumption of classes gets closer every day. And so do the annual back-to-school state sales tax holidays. In fact, the first of 17 summer tax holidays kicks off this weekend in Mississippi. The events, ranging from two days to a full week, have over the years expanded beyond the traditional new school clothes and classroom supplies. The announcement of the 2013 sales tax holidays, listed in the table below, as well as... Read more →