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… and some special instructions for those who owe $1 or less or $1 million or more. While bank checks may seem antiquated to most people today, some people still like to pay that way. That includes writing a check to cover their tax bill. (Photo by Steve Shook via Flickr CC) Since most of us e-file our taxes, it's only natural that when we owe, we pay Uncle Sam electronically, too. But most is not all. Some folks still file paper returns. And some taxpayers who do e-file still prefer to pay with an old fashioned, handwritten paper check... Read more →

It's always a thrill to be recognized, but I'm especially honored that the ol' blog was named a 2012 Association for Women in Communications Clarion Award winner. I've been a writing my entire life and getting paid to scribble since I was studying journalism at Texas Tech University. It was there that I joined AWC and that membership moved with me from Texas to the Washington, D.C., area to Florida and back home to the Lone Star State. One of the first calls I made upon arriving in Austin seven years ago was to the city's AWC chapter. So getting... Read more →

I'm slowly settling back into my routine after a jam-packed weekend in suburban Chicago with hundreds of other personal finance bloggers. Not to sound all NASCAR-y, but thanks to all the corporate sponsors who supported the inaugural gathering. Their underwriting helped all us financial types follow our own money advice and be able to afford to participate. Please check them out at the Financial Blogger Conference home page. Thanks to all the great speakers. We all gave up a weekend to get together, but you guys and gals actually worked while the rest of us got to sit back and... Read more →

What a nice way to start a holiday weekend. The second annual Plutus Awards finalists have been announced and the ol' blog made the list again this year. Don't Mess With Taxes is tapped as one of four Best Tax Blogs. I'm thrilled to be on the ballot with CafeTax, JoeTaxpayer and TaxProf. We're part of the The Plutus Awards for financial blogs that aren't affiliated with mainstream media and commercial financial products. And as the word ballot indicates, there is a vote involved. If you're so inclined, click on open and pick your favorites, not only in the tax... Read more →

Accounting blogs for the kids

I'm what's diplomatically described as being "of a certain age," so I feel free to use the term "kids" as I please. In this headline's instance, I'm not talking toddlers, but college kids. That's an audience, specifically students studying accounting, that apparently might find the ol' blog entertaining and informative, according to Jared Eutsler, a CPA (and a lot of other financial accreditations noted by his many suffixes!) and full-time faculty member of the School of Business at Rasmussen College. Don't Mess With Taxes is included in Eutsler's blog post 20 Blogs Accounting Students Will Love. "We've hand-picked 20 authoritative... Read more →

Tax geeks, wonks and me

No, that headline is not a description of my Halloween constume. I'm still deciding. Neither is it the title of a new tax-themed television series. By the way, what ever happened to that Ron Howard/David Krumholtz "Tax Man" program pitched to Fox? My headline refers to a list complied by CPA Trendlines of 64 Tax Blogs for Geeks and Wonks. The directory is divided into categories including tax policy blogs by American professors, by think tanks and blogs specializing in state and local taxes. The final grouping is what CPA Trendlines calls tax blogs that help American taxpayers make sense... Read more →

Making the 20 top tax blogs list!

What a nice way to start a Monday! In catching up on my weekend tax reading, I discovered that the ol' blog made Career Overview's 2010 list of the 20 Best Blogs for Tax Advice. Thanks for the recognition! I'm thrilled to be cited for doing something that's so much personal fun. Yes, I'm a total tax geek. And I'm honored to be included in such stellar tax blogging company.Related posts: 2009 Plutus Awards Top Tax Blog finalist FINS/WSJ Top Five Accounting Blogs TaxProf's Top 10 Tax Blogs MauledAgain's 10 Favorite Tax Blogs BloggingSuit's Blogs We Like Want to tell... Read more →

As I mentioned earlier this week, Don't Mess With Taxes has been nominated for The Plutus Award as a top tax blog. In my giddy nomination announcement (I'll say it again: It's a thrill just to be nominated!), I also threatened promised to let you know when you could help determine the winner of each of the many Plutus Awards categories. Now's that time. Flexo at Consumerism Commentary, creator of the awards, explains The Plutus Awards genesis and the voting procedure for the ultimate winners. If you're so inclined to give the ol' blog a click, thank you! You can... Read more →