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Welcome to May! The first day of the fifth month of the year is an annual day of celebration in many places worldwide. May Day festivities definitely could apply to the joy felt by most U.S. taxpayers who got their returns to the IRS a couple of weeks ago. And just the name of the month brings such promise, remininding us of all the possibilities ahead. Among those are the chance to cut our 2011 tax bills by taking some simple steps in May and throughout the rest of the year. Tax Carnival #86: May Day has got all of... Read more →

Tax Day is a week away. That's right, we procrastinators have just seven days to fill out our forms and get them, and any tax we owe, on the way to the IRS. As we head down the tax filing stretch, Tax Carnival #85: Countdown to Tax Day offers some last-minute tax considerations, some planning tips for 2011 and even a way to put off your annual tax task a bit longer. With time running short (and shorter still since I was late posting this!) let's get started. Much tax time focus is on retirement plans since contributing to an... Read more →

Ah Spring. Warmer weather (with apologies to those getting one last blast of Winter). Longer days. Impending tax-filing time. We celebrate all that in Tax Carnival #84: Spring Tax Time. Photo by hatman12 via iStock OK, so maybe not all that, just the impending April 18 tax-filing deadline. But that's plenty. So let's get to it. The carnival kicks off with the question all of us have ask every Spring, uh, filing season: How should we file our taxes this year? PT has some thoughts about getting taxes done via software, a retail tax preparation shop or a CPA in... Read more →

It's a crazy fun time for college basketball fans. Why shouldn't tax folks enjoy the same thrills? We can! We started the Big Dance with the tax code tournament. And now we have Tax Carnival #83: March Tax Madness. There's no big trophy for just one champion. Instead we have lots of tax tip scoring and everybody makes it through filing season a winner. Enough pregame preblog warm-up. To the Tax Carnival! Tax tip off We start with an impending filing issue. Wendy Litten says if you can't make the March 15 corporation filing deadline, here are tips for Late... Read more →

Have you recovered from your Oscars party? Good. Now you can party down with Tax Carnival #82: The Tax Awards. Unlike the glitzier Hollywood event, there's no gold statuette to hand out. But we don't need no stinking trophies. Here everyone's a winner, especially readers who can find all sorts of good tax advice and interesting tax insights in this 82nd Tax Carnival. However, the Tax Awards does share a similarity with the Oscars' television broadcast. It's long. So to avoid being played off by the band, let's get started. Jeff Rose notes that a combination of interesting circumstances means... Read more →

It's Valentine's Day. It's also the day that the Internal Revenue Service starts processing tax returns that have been on hold with the tax agency upgraded its computers to reflect the tax law changes enacted back in December. So of course today's Tax Carnival #81 is We ♥ Heart ♥ Taxes. OK, so we don't really love, or as the phrase says "heart," taxes. But we do love lots of good tax information and advice and you'll find plenty of that in today's Tax Carnival. We start with a timely item. Khaleef presents Tax Filing Delay Means Valentine Gift For... Read more →

Tax filing time is full of tales of woe. But you don't have to add your tax troubles to the list. Jacob at My Personal Finance Journey has combined the best and worst of tax season in Tax Carnival #80: Tax Horror Stories. As host for this edition of the Tax Carnival, Jacob has interspersed the worst of taxes among the good advice from Carnival contributors. Among my faves this edition: MoneyNing's Tax Time: Do I Have to Report that Income? Money Thinker's Watching for Common Tax Errors The Wandering Tax Pro's What to Give Your Tax Preparer Miranda's Tax... Read more →

The new tax law is in place. The IRS is working to get all forms and computer systems updated. And electronic filing began on Friday, Jan. 14. To mark the official start of tax filing season 2011, today my fellow tax and personal finance bloggers present Tax Carnival #79: Filing season begins. Since I know a lot of y'all have refunds coming and are anxious to get your returns filed, let's get right to it. We start with a key question from Money Thinker, who wonders Do I really Have to File Taxes? If you're asking the same thing, the... Read more →

Can you believe that another new year is already here? fotoglif862556 More to the ol' blog's point, can you believe that it's already another tax filing season? I know that some of you are still recovering from some serious ringing in of 2011, so I'll try not to type too loudly. But it is time to sober up when it comes to taxes or you could end up with a tax-induced headache that's much worse than any produced by excessive celebration. To help prevent that type of fiscal agony, let's get started with tax advice, tips, commentary and more in... Read more →

Finished your Christmas shopping yet? Me neither. While I can't hit the malls for you, here's hoping that one or more of the tax items in Tax Carnival #77: Stocking Stuffers 2010 will fill your tax geek heart with cheer. Since we all have a lot to do this crazy time of year, let's get right to it. As the year winds down, we're looking at ways to cut our 2010 tax bills. But our first tax stocking is fliled with 2009 tax refund cash. BWL reminds us that the IRS has a whole lot of unclaimed tax refunds and... Read more →

It's nearly midterm election day here in the United States. Political, if not practical, control of the House and Senate is up for grabs. If you voted early, good for you. If you haven't exercised this right yet, make sure you head to the polls Nov. 2. As happens in every election, taxes are the hot topic, so it's no surprise that today's Tax Carnival, #76 if you're counting, is our Election Day 2010 edition. You've seen the TV ads. You've received the robocalls. Your e-mail box is overflowing. There's no more politicking to do, so let's get to it!... Read more →

The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated on Tuesday, September 5, 1882, in New York City. Two years later, the first Monday in September was selected as the holiday's annual observance date. What hasn't changed over the years is the reason for Labor Day. It continues to be an annual tribute to the contributions of America's workers. In that spirit, today's Tax Carnival #74: Labor Day 2010 spotlights the efforts of tax and personal finance bloggers who help workers pay as little tax as possible on their earnings. What better way to start a holiday recognizing work than with retirement-related... Read more →

The dog days definitely are here. The arrival of August in Austin also has finally brought us our first triple-digit thermometer readings of 2010. I'm not complaining,though, since at this time last year we had already suffered through more than 40 100-degree-or-plus temperatures. Taxes, however, remain dogged any time of the year. So this 73rd Carnival of Taxes is our annual Dog Days of Summer edition, with lots of top dog tax information and advice to help keep you out of the the tax collector's dog house. It's no surprise that the tax blogosphere has been gnawing on that particular... Read more →

America's birthday, in addition to being a grand holiday, is also a good time to take stock of your taxes. The arrival of July 4 means that the second half of the tax year is just underway. And that means, I hope, that you're far enough from the frustration of filing back in April to take a dispassionate look at your tax situation. Even better, you've got lots of time to take some tax steps to lower your 2010 bill. So although it's the day after America's birthday, our 72nd Tax Carnival: Independence Day is pleased to ignite some tax... Read more →

Welcome to June! This sixth month of the year is a busy one. There are graduations, which mean school's out! Annual vacations get underway in this month in which Summer officially arrives. Roses are bursting out in gardens, June bugs abound and as the baseball season hits its stride, remember that on June 12, 1880, John Lee Richmond pitched the first perfect game. June is home to Flag Day, Father's Day and Juneteenth. And, of course, there are lots of June weddings, which means, we hope, that there are plenty of anniversary celebrations, this month, too. But amid all this... Read more →

How was your Tax Day 2010? I hope all y'all made it through the final filing chaos relatively unscathed. Now it's time to either 1) think about your Oct. 15 responsibilities if you decided to get an extension to file or 2) start working on ways to cut your 2010 tax bill. Actually, even if you still have to finish your 2009 return, you need to also be thinking about your 2010 taxes. To help you take care of whatever tax task(s) you still face,the 70th Carnival of Taxes this first weekday of May takes as its theme the many... Read more →

There are fewer than four full days until millions of us finally get our 1040s or filing extension requests into the IRS. Yes, you can count me in that number. As soon as I post this, it's back to putting the finishing touches on my 20009 return. Every year the mid-April due day sneaks up on me. Since I am definitely not alone -- the IRS says that each year, around 10 million taxpayers ask for more time to complete their returns -- the theme for today's collection of tax blogging insight and information is 69th Tax Carnival: Deadline Day... Read more →

March is almost over. The cliché traditional hook for the month's coming and going is in like a lion, out like a lamb, or vice versa. But March here in Texas is wildflower time. This last weekend the hubby and I headed to an olive grove for a festival where we not only picked up some yummy eats, but spent the afternoon among some of Central Texas' most beautiful creations. As the photo above shows, it wasn't all olive trees at Shady Oaks Olive Orchard. In addition to the wildflowers, adjacent fields were home to livestock. So this being a... Read more →

St. Patrick's Day is Wednesday, but we start the week with a collection of tax bloggings that could be very valuable for many of us still working on our returns. Yes, the theme of our 67th Tax Carnival is A Pot of Tax Gold. These aren't your typical money-related superstitions. No, we know it takes much more than the luck o' the Irish or a handful of four-leaf clovers to get to the end of the tax-saving rainbow. So settle in for some Tax Carnival tips that could give "green" just the filing time meaning you're looking for!Money Infant gets... Read more →

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It's Thursday already!?! Time flies when you having tax fun ... or going mad trying to keep track of all that's going on during the tax filing season! Yeah, fun and busy. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it as to why I failed to mention earlier that the Carnival of Personal Finance #246 was posted on Monday over at Taking Charge. Look at it this way. My little oversight meant you weren't swamped with financial info on the crazy first Monday of the month. And now you've got its good money advice to enjoy this last part of... Read more →