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Personal Finance Carnival #76

The personal finance Ferris wheel is spinning again, this time over at My Financial Journey, the host of Carnival of Personal Finance #76. Lots of goodies, including savvy online shopping tips from bargain hunter Coin Jar and Credit Card Lowdown's 101 painless ways to cut spending. My undeliverable tax refund money, just in time for holiday shopping, also made the financial midway. Much, much more financial blogging insight awaits, so give the Carnival a click. You'll be glad you did. Read more →

This weekend's cyber drive is up

The latest Carnival of Cars is officially on the road. Stops along the way include a look at the artistic side of autos, tips on leasing a car and my report on the IRS' 2007 mileage rates. As always, Mark at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel has many, many more auto offerings in his Carnival collection, so get in gear and head on over there. Read more →

Personal Finance Carnival #73

The 73rd Carnival of Personal Finance is now available, hosted this week by City Girl's Financial Blog. City Girl's done a fine job of assembling money musings, ranging from how to avoid overdraft fees to some different ways to donate to charity to my Halloween ramblings on food taxes. If you buy an alcoholic beverage to accompany your munchables, the state tax collector is going to dun your drink, too. That's probably why the Carnival contribution from Personal Finance Advice caught my eye: it's a beer calculator. I always wondered exactly what my taste for Dos XX was costing me.... Read more →

Mulling Migrations

Fall is in full force, so it's only fitting that we take a break to enjoy the beauty of the season and its natural wonders. Yes, birds and butterflies are heading south, but the Migrations we focus on today is Dan Rhoads' blog, which is host of the 35th I and the Bird. IatB is one of my favorite blog carnivals, not just because I love reading about other birders' experiences. But the weekly offering also allows me to vicariously travel -- and observe -- birds and their habitats that I haven't seen in a while or, in most cases,... Read more →

Driving around the auto blog

Regular readers recognize that headline. It's the tagline for the weekly Carnival of Cars, hosted by Mark over at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel. Today, Mark brings us reports of fat cars, certified used cars and cars that women want. Not to tip too much, but that one on autos that attract feminine buyers relates to hybrids. That's also part of the reason I made it into Mark's roundup this week. Another Car Carnival contributor found a story I did for on the fuel-efficiency tax credit and its various cutoff dates. Mark also was kind enough to mention my quasi-rant... Read more →

Personal Finance Carnival #71

Fat Pitch Financials brings up the 71st Carnival of Personal Finance this week, and the host lives up to his name. The collection is stuffed full of financial fun. A few that caught my eye: The unusual things people have done to earn money, The most popular workplace benefits, and The six financial cliches that will make you rich. For those of you who came back after clicking over to the get-rich tips, thanks. And while it might not make you independently wealthy, my piece on tracking down forgotten money couldn't hurt. It's also part of PFC#17. Read more →

Carnival of Personal Finance #69

The cash carnival continues, this week thanks to the Carnival of Personal Finance home blog. Items range from the King of Cash's warning about an annoying (and costly) e-banking change at Bank of America to fivecentnickel's look at the save for retirement or kid's college quandary to the Coin Jar's one question you should ask yourself before making any expenditure. I'm pleased to report that my item on money issues facing members of the military also made this week's midway. So head on over to the latest PF Carnival. I'm sure you'll find plenty of fine fiscal advice. Read more →

Gearhead alert!

October's first Carnival of Cars, courtesy of our regular host Mark at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel, heralds the fall season with the latest automotive bloggings. Fans of classic cabs must check out the Carnival's first item on the possible production location change for London Taxis. Folks who want to do their own driving and are looking for used wheels need to check out the articles from The Garage and Carsopia with tips on buying preowned autos. If you buy a used auto down here in Texas, they you need to check out my item on the "liar's affidavit" that some... Read more →

Seriously seeking savings

That's what we all want, right? Then check out the Festival of Frugality #42, hosted this week by Tired but happy, for ways to shave a few dollars off your expenses. There's Bryan, who's counting his cold, hard cash and offering tips on how you can start growing your own stacks of money. And Super Saver's discussion of using other people's money to save. Even being too informed can be costly, as evidenced by J.D.'s excessive magazine subscriptions. Those are just a few of the offerings. Check out the full Festival for many more thrifty tips. Read more →

New 'liar's affidavit' aimed at auto sellers

No, I'm not talking about the oft-maligned used-car salesmen. I'm talking about you, me and the guy down the street when we buy our cars from each other instead of a dealership. According to state officials, person-to-person deals account for around one-third of used-car sales in the Lone Star State. A new Texas law that takes effect today, Oct. 1, is designed to stop the shorting of tax collection on autos sold via such private transactions. You've seen the classified ads: "For sale. 2000 Chevy Cavalier. Great condition (recently tuned up). Low mileage. A steal at $4,000." When the used-Chevy... Read more →

Beyond nest eggs: I and the Bird #33

This is a personal finance blog, with a special eye kept on taxes and how they affect efforts to build a nest egg. But as regular readers know, I'm a firm believer in integrating real life into financial life. After all, it doesn't matter how nicely you feather your financial nest if you don't use some of your earnings to follow what makes you happy. For many people, travel is their passion. And that's particularly true of birders, who take every chance they get to glimpse birds in locales near and far. So as host this week of I and... Read more →

Carnivals are acoming

It's going to be a busy week here at the ol' tax blog. First, we're taking a brief break from taxes on Thursday. That day, Sept. 28, we will be hosting the next edition of I and the Bird. We're delighted to be tapped as hostess, since IatB is THE Internet birding hot spot. Regular readers know that our feathered friends are one of my nontax passions, so I'm looking forward to putting together a group of fine avian bloggings from some of cyberspace's dedicated birders and naturalists. If you've got a bird-related submission, send it along by Tuesday, 9/26,... Read more →

Kids and houses highlight the latest PF Carnival

If you're looking for a compendium of recent money bloggings, then look no further than this week's Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted and posted this time by Free Money Finance. There are a couple of bloggings on kids and money that caught my eye: Teaching a Six-Year-Old to Save by Raising4Boys and Teaching Kids About Money by The Road 2 Riches. Why, you might ask, since the hubby and I have no Mini-Mes of ourselves, am I reading and recommending these items? Because, I answer, sometimes we all are pretty childish, chronological age notwithstanding, when it comes to money. So... Read more →

PF Carnival 64

Think your e-mail box stacked up over the long Labor Day holiday? Then you can commiserate with Aridni, the host this week of a very crowded Carnival of Personal Finance #64. You'll find 50 blog items there, ranging from the anatomy of a credit report from Lording the Land to true tales of dumpster diving by My Financial Awareness, as well as three reasons it costs more to be a woman (just three?) from Adult ADD and Money. Also making the massive Carnival this week is my examination of the financial troubles Jack Bauer will have to deal with when... Read more →

'Fabulous' frugal fest

Looking for some "hip tips that will make you sound smart, look great, and live fab? That’s fab as in f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s frugality!" Then look no futher than the 38th Festival of Frugality. Our hostess with the mostess this time is Nina at Queer¢ents, who has so fashionably constructed the Festival's presentation along the Fab Five's specialties. You'll find my look at efforts to shift cents-off coupons from newspapers to online in the Culture category, along with The Finance Journey's tips on how to save on phone service and The Frugal Duchess' strategies for cutting cable bills. And you'll also want... Read more →

Catching a Car Carnival ride

Did your auto get you to your long-weekend destination? Will it get you back home? If the answer to either question is not what you'd like, then you can at least console yourself with some better automotive news at the Labor Day edition of Carnival of Cars, courtesy of our regular host, Mark at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel. I'm with Mark in not getting the appeal of drifting (although I did get his tongue-in-cheek reference), but Jalopnik does. I admit to liking it when WoO drivers slide into and through corners, so maybe I'll give drifters another look-see. I definitely... Read more →

Calling all Carnivalistas

Just a quick reminder before you head out for the long Labor Day holiday: Tax Carnival #4 will be posted on Monday, Sept. 4. Yes, I love taxes -- learning and writing about them, not paying them! I'm not that crazy! -- that much. So I'll be spending part of my holiday weekend sorting through submissions and assembling them for the reading pleasure of other tax geeks worldwide. Please make my Labor Day weekend labor of tax love worthwhile by sending along tax items -- federal, state and international -- that you think the blogosphere needs to see. If you're... Read more →

Mark and his car carnival are back!

Mark, aka The Maestro of Car Carnivals who regularly posts all things automotive at Tapscotts Behind the Wheel, had life intrude on blogging recently and had to take an unexpected cyber break. But I'm very pleased to report that he is back and the latest Carnival of Cars has returned to the information highway. As you can imagine, the entry ramp to the Carnival backed up a bit while waiting for Mark to get back to directing traffic, so it's a particularly crowded Carnival commute. But don't succumb to cyber road rage. Just take advantage of the all the worthy... Read more →

Wake up and smell the money

That's the theme of the latest Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted this week by Money Blog Network. I must say, MBN is amazingly creative for a Monday morning, weaving a carnival tale a la Dr. Seuss. Just what is in his a.m. beverage and why isn't he sharing??? Here are some eye-openers, even without caffeine: DebtFree4ever proclaims You are already a millionaire. Wow! I'm going to have look over this blog and my bank statement one more time. Ratio suggests life insurance for your favorite geek. I know I have a geek that I like better than all the other... Read more →

Money can't buy you ...

Love, according to the Beatles, or happiness either, according to professors from, in part, the University of Michigan. OK, so Blue researchers might not be as lyrical as John, Paul, George and Ringo. But they say the connection between how much green you have in the bank doesn't necessarily translate into seeing life through rose-colored glasses. In fact, the more money you earn generally means you are likely to spend more time commuting, working and doing other things you feel you just have to, rather than want to, do. And all these activities, say the professors, tend to provide us... Read more →