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Carnival of Money Stories

Tight Fisted Miser is the host of the 25th Carnival of Money Stories. My account of the missing bank deposit is among the collection, but here are some others that caught my eye: Five Guys and the Art of a Good Burger by Dough Roller Financial (and Life) Lessons I Learned as a Kid by Saving Advice Observations on Las Vegas by Young and Broke Those are just a few. You can check out all the money tales here. Read more →

Carnival of Personal Finance #112

The Frugal Law Student brings us this week's Carnival of Personal Finance. It's the 112th version, and FLS presents it as the Best Week Ever edition. If you've ever watched VH1's "Best Week" program, you'll get a kick out this format. Even if you're not familiar with it, you'll still find the carnival informative and entertaining. Some of my faves among the many, many good items: 5 money topics to discuss before getting married at Finance is Personal when paying yourself first isn't a good idea at Four Pillars and a Baby 6 ways to increase your kids' financial intelligence... Read more →

Carnival of Personal Finance #111

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance has an international flavor, or I should say flavour, with Plonkee Monkey hosting from England. Since it's Glastonbury Festival time across the pond, Plonkee arranged this 111th edition to honour the "undisputed king of British music festivals." I’m pleased to report that my $1.63 property tax bill horror story post is a part of the Festival's TiPi Village. For the rest of the entertainment, monetary as well as musical, give the Carnival a visit. Read more →

Congratulations to I and the Bird

I and the Bird, the wonderful biweekly collection of the best that the many birding blogs have to offer, is celebrating its second anniversary. Congratulations to Mike and my fellow avian aficionados who've made this birding carnival such a success. Unfortunately, the hubby and I have been too busy, and it's getting a bit too hot here in Central Texas, to do much birding. Plus, we had that horrible rainy spell. So I don't have an entry in this momentous edition. But I am very thankful that through it, I can cyberbird. The hubby and I also are grateful that... Read more →

Carnival of Personal Finance Greatest Hits

To celebrate the second anniversary edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance, host J.D. of Get Rich Slowly has put together quite a creative collection this week. Not only does the Carnival contain impressive "best-of" financial tips from 82 bloggers, including my take on speculative real estate, J.D. has presented them along Billboard's lines. That is, the bloggings are the "hottest songs from the hottest artists, all chosen by the stars who made them popular." And to literally accompany the theme, J.D. has popped in some fun money-related videos throughout the Carnival. So turn up those speakers and listen and... Read more →

Carnival of Cars

It's been a wild week for gearheads. Jeff got Junior as a teammate. Lewis continued to kick butt on North American F1 tracks. And most of the Le Mans drivers managed to make it through a soggy 24 hours. And, oh yeah, Mark posted the latest Carnival of Cars. Cruise on over there and check out some of the auto info you need to know, including my item on some surprising summer driving trends. Read more →

Carnival reminder

Sorry to be so late in getting the word out, but in case you forgot or missed the standing Carnival of Taxes section in the right column, #19 will be going up on Monday, June 4. If you have a tax item for inclusion, there's still time. I'll take submissions through 11 p.m. Central time tonight. Just click the above button. Thanks! Read more →

Carnival of Financial Planning

If you plan to spend some time this weekend evaluating your investments, then you might want to first check out the latest Carnival of Financial Planning. Carnival host The Skilled Investor has compiled a collection that provides a nice information return on your blog reading investment. Along with the expected financial planning topics of the carnival title (the top 5 ways to go broke immediately caught my eye), you'll find postings on budgeting, savings (the art of price haggling), college costs, mortgages (prepay vs. equity investing), investing and taxes. You'll find my contribution on the need for couples to coordinate... Read more →

A couple of carnivals

Carnival tents are going up this week, and we start with the latest Carnival of Personal Finance. In its 99th edition, Money, Matter, and More Musings gives us Awesome Money Quotes. The collection of cash chatter contains bloggings on kids, parents and money mistakes; the realities of loan pre-approvals; and my own look at a curious report on the tax practices of lower-income investors. Lots of good advice in this carnival. The icing on the carnival cake is all the great financial quotes sprinkled throughout. Check it out. Tax Carnival reminder: Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 9, is the new deadline for... Read more →

Time for a nice Sunday drive

Now that tax season is over (or mostly over; details on extended deadlines here and in the Tax Calendar in the right column), we have time for some more relaxing pursuits. Like the proverbial motoring of the headline. And who better to provide a road map than Mark Tapscott with his latest Carnival of Cars at Straightline. This week he brings us intriguing, and oxymoronic, news of a maxi Mini, a more optimistic view of GM's future (good news to us Bowtie fans) and, I am pleased to say, my item on stupid tax tricks (if you read it, you... Read more →

Trading tales at the Carnival of Money Stories

The 7th Carnival of Money Stories is open, boasting a wide range of personal financial tales at this week's host, Wisebread. My long-time infatuation with snail mail is included, but several others also caught my eye. There's Clever Dude's admission that sometimes he's not so clever. Maybe we haven't messed up exactly this way, but we've all been there, done that, bought the T-shirt for some other money misstep. Another intriguing tale comes from Priya, who knows 77 ways to live without credit cards. Hhmmm. Me, I gotta keep a couple of cards, but pay them off each month. And... Read more →

Greenbelt means good birding

Greenbelt: An undeveloped swath of land designed to keep a bit of the country in otherwise urban, or quickly becoming urban, settings. Greenbelt: Our home in Maryland for almost two decades, one of three "green towns" built as part of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Greenbelt: As in The Greenbelt, the blog from The Ridger. This week, she's the host of I and the Bird #44. I'll let her tell you about the collection: "Below, grouped (albeit roughly) into these four categories you will find posts of all sorts, having in common a love of birds and the desire to... Read more →

Carnival cornucopia

This week we have an overflowing blog carnival cornucopia. Let's start at the 89th Carnival of Personal Finance, which this week goes glitzy with a Celebrity Edition. Host Binary Dollar provides a unique pictorial presentation for all the yummy financial tidbits. I'm thrilled that my item gets Superhero treatment; Spidey's web linking to Web tracking of tax refunds is just too good. You'll also find an array of pop culture figures, from movie stars (Johnny Depp's Capt. Sparrow sailing along with Wise Bread's frugally insane tips) to the fine arts (Mona Lisa lending her smiling approval to Roth & Company's... Read more →

Carnival of Money Stories

Once upon time there was a group of bloggers who shared their personal financial tales. Not just advice or the dry relating of money matters, but real, honest-to-goodness personal dealings with lucre, filthy and otherwise. And readers were amazed and amused (among other things) by these stories. And a couple of bloggers decided it would be good to regularly gather these accounts in one place. And so was born the Carnival of Money Stories. OK, that's my story on the Carnival of Money Stories. I wasn't there for the creation of it, so don't take my word as gospel. You... Read more →

Carnival of Entrepreneurs

If you're in business for yourself, even if it's a weekend side job supplementing your 9-to-5 wages, check out the latest Carnival of Entrepreneurs. Hosted by Pick the Brain, this installment includes tips on marketing your enterprise, business strategies that can help (that's where you'll find my post on tracking 1099 income), even inspirational stories to help you keep on keeping on. Read more →

A couple of Carnivals

Just in time for Daytona, the Carnival of Cars is back on track! Since our last pit stop, Mark has moved his Behind the Wheel blog to the Washington Examiner and the Car Carnival has a new garage, too. It's now parked at's Straightline blog, where you'll find the latest edition. Get in gear and cruise on over. It's a well-accessorized Car Carnival with a great sticker price: Free! And I'm proud to say that my tax haven item which includes some prime F1 racing roads made this debut edition at the carnival's new home. If you're trying to... Read more →

Call for tax carnival content

Just a quick reminder before thoughts of the Super Bowl completely take over your brain: The 11th Carnival of Taxes is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 5. If you've got a tax item, please send it along via our Blog Carnival submission page. Don't know what to submit? Then check out our guidelines post. And please note the deadline: Saturday evening. When it hits 11 p.m. Central time that day, I'm closing submission doors. Late arrivals will be bumped, if still applicable, to the next edition. I appreciate your help here, as I won't have time on Sunday to be checking... Read more →

Tax carnival reminder

The 10th Tax Carnival is scheduled for Monday, Jan. 22. My tax baby is growing up and going out into the world: The Wandering Tax Pro will be hosting the coming collection. If you have a tax-related item (and please, send tax entries only; check out our submission guidelines), send it the Tax Carnival way. You can see what's appeared previously by perusing past editions at our Tax Carnival archives. Saturday evening is the submission deadline. And while procrastination when it comes to anything connected to taxes is a time-honored tradition, the Carnival Keeper always appreciates contributors who don't wait... Read more →

Post-holiday carnival time ... and some after-Christmas
tree tips

Still sitting there staring at your Christmas tree, which looks so sad and bare without any gifts under it? Well, here's something to occupy your time: Visit the 80th Carnival of Personal Finance. Hosted this week by My Personal Finance Blog, this post-holiday carnival is not just Christmas leftovers. There are plenty of piping hot new offerings in easy to sample categories such as budgeting/frugal (Diets and Dollars), credit/debt (Sticky Fingers) and the always handy other (Law of Tenfold Return). Of course, there are many more personal finance areas, including taxes, where you'll find my item on how the IRS... Read more →