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It's an election year and that means labor unions have been taking a beating, both literally and in terms of political rhetoric. But if you have this Labor Day holiday off, then a large part of your thanks must go to workers' rights advocates. In his poster shown there to the left, Ricardo Levins Morales portrays some common workplace benefits that most of us enjoy. Of course, tax dollars help pay for many of them. And while today's collection of tax talk and tips doesn't necessarily relate to labor issues (although there are a couple of items in this timely... Read more →

We're well into the Dog Days of summer, but when it comes to taxes, you don't necessarily want to let sleeping dogs lie. Often times you need to get proactive with your taxes to make sure you get the best tax advantage. That's exactly what Tax Carnival #105: Dog Days of Taxes intends to do. So let's let the dogs out in no particular order and sic 'em on some tax topics. Michael Kitces provides details on one of the impending implications of the fiscal cliff on the horizon: The End Of Qualified Dividends For Small Business Owners. It's posted... Read more →

If you're looking for the August Tax Carnival (it would be #105 if you're keeping count), I must beg your indulgence. July was a crazy busy month, ending on a particularly crazy busy weekend. And since I'm no longer able or inclined to pull all-nighters like I did in college, I've pushed the carnival's publication to Wednesday, Aug. 8. Thanks for that collective murmur of disappointment. But there is some good news. If you forgot to submit a post, I'm taking submissions for the impending collection of tax goodness until noon tomorrow, Tuesday, Aug. 7. You can send your blog... Read more →

It's that time of year again, the annual Tax Carnival that falls around the Fourth of July. We have almost as many Tax Fireworks this time of year as we do around the April filing deadline. Since we're all winding down things to get out early for Independence Day festivities, let's light up these suckers! Some summer tax-related traditions get us started. Thomas F. Scanlon, CPA and CFP®, presents 9 Easy Steps for a Mid-Year Tax Review, posted at Borgida & Company, P.C. Robert D Flach dishes at "SUMMER" RERUN - MY ALTERNATIVE TO THE YARD SALE, posted at THE... Read more →

I love June. Kids are happy that school is out and their parents aren't yet tired of having them home all the time. Lots of folks are getting married. It's not so hot yet, even here in Texas, to make us start whining about the weather. And there's still a bit of moisture from the spring rains in the ground, helping plants stay looking good. Plus, June is a great rhyming word! There's moon, whose distance from earth is often used as an exasperated description of the size of a person's tax bill. There's boon, defined as something to be... Read more →

Glad to see you survived Tax Day 2012. If you finished your 2011 taxes, congratulations. If you got an extension, good for you for not rushing into the tax breach and making a mistake in your hurry to finish up your return. With the arrival of May we welcome not just nature's flowers, but some tax buds that can pay off down the road. So let's get to bouquet of tax information and tips that are part of Tax Carnival #102: May Tax Flowers. We'll start with info for those folks who've yet to file their returns. Kate presents a... Read more →

Tax Day 2012 is just a week away. So our 101st Tax Carnival: Deadline Taxes concentrates on getting those 1040s filled out and on their way to the Internal Revenue Service. Since time is short, let's get right to it, starting with a look at the material and terminology we need to file our returns. Kurt Fischer says that if you're searching for a creative theme for your next party, consider the IRS Publication Party Game. You invite all members of Congress to your home, open the various IRS documents and ask, "What Does This Mean?!?" It's posted at Money... Read more →

I understand from my friends who are hoops fans that this is a big time of the year. The NCAA men's collegiate basketball tournament is down to its Final Four teams: Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State and Kansas. I'm not even going to pretend to know anything about which team is the favorite or even when the championship game is played. I'm not a basketball aficionado, of either the NBA or college teams. In fact, I'm not a big college sports fan period. I prefer the pros where I feel less guilty about cursing players who screw up because they're getting... Read more →

Do you have a day after Daylight Saving Time hangover? Join the club. It's particularly unfair that we have one less hour during tax-filing season. But Tax Carnival #99: Daylight Tax Time has timely (sorry, I couldn't resist) tax tips to help you make up for those missing 60 minutes. Since our remaining tax time is ticking away, let's get to it! What better way to start than with a tax change that's taken three years to show up. Michael Kitces reminds us that tax laws sometime take a while to kick in. Back in 2008, he notes, then-President Bush... Read more →

Tax Carnival fans, your wait is over! The collection of tax data, information and tips that was supposed to go live yesterday is finally here. I could offer all sorts of excuses explanations, but I prefer to put a more positive spin on the delay. The 98th Carnival of Taxes is simply taking advantage of Leap Year's extra day. So with thanks for your patience, let's get jumping! We leap right into a tax situation that found a bit of consistency, at least as much as Congress allows nowadays. Peter notes that if the payroll tax cut had expired this... Read more →

Today's Tax Carnival is a bit delayed. You can blame the Fiscal Year 2013 budget, or celebrate it if you're a total budget wonk. Whatever. Actually, the Obama Administration was late in releasing the federal budget. It is by law supposed to be delivered on the first Monday in February. But for the second year in a row, it's out a week late. So I don't feel as bad about being just a few hours behind my self-imposed schedule in posting this 97th Tax Carnival. And to note the effect that the president's latest wish list, campaign blueprint, budget had... Read more →

The 2012 Chinese New Year officially arrived on Jan. 23, but many locales celebrated the Year of the Dragon his past weekend. So we're following that belated lead with Tax Carnival #96: Dealing With Tax Dragons. Chinese New Year's parade dragon by Paolo Camera via Flickr The dragon is a powerful sign. In Chinese culture, the legendary creature -- the only not-real New Year designation -- is the symbol of power from heaven. Dragons are doers. They don't sit around waiting for things to happen, you make things happen. Today's Tax Carnival should help you make some good tax things... Read more →

For filers who do their taxes the old fashioned way, the tax filing season began a couple of weeks ago -- as long as they had all the necessary 2011 statements to fill out their paper forms. Taxpayers who prefer to to e-file can hit "enter" tomorrow, Jan. 17. That's when the IRS starts accepting electronically filed returns and also opens the door to Free File 2012. But regardless of how you submit your return, the tax laws and rules are the same. Tax Carnival #95: Tax Filing Season 2012 looks at some of the issues taxpayers might encounter. One... Read more →

It's that time again. A new tax year is upon us. I know you're still recovering from all things Christmas, holiday guests, New Year's Eve parties, celebrating your NFL team's success or bemoaning its total implosion (I'm talking to you, fellow Cowboys fans) and getting ready to head back to the office. But it's also time to start thinking about taxes. You're in luck! That's exactly what we do in today's Tax Carnival #94: Happy Tax New Year 2012. Since time flies so quickly (I mean really, where did 2011 go?), let's get started. After some misteps Congress managed to... Read more →

Finished your Christmas shopping? What about your 2011 year-end tax moves? 2012 tax planning? Yeah, me neither. But thanks to all the blogging Santa helpers out there, the nicely wrapped tax packages in Tax Carnival #93: Happy Taxmas 2011 should help. Let's get started. Eric J. Nisall reminds us that the end of the year is about more than holidays and shopping. "Tax planning needs to be a concern as well," says Eric, who presents 2 Overlooked Year-End Tax Tips, posted at DollarVersity. Jessica Bosari says that by preparing for taxes now, you can save money later. She provides some... Read more →

Oktoberfests are winding down, but we're just kicking off our annual Taxtoberfest. This year's edition is the 92nd Tax Carnival. And like previous versions, this regular fall feature brings us the tax-equivalent goodies of the real German parties. C'mon, who doesn't love beer, brats, oompah tunes and taxes? So let's get to it! We start with a tax topic that is considered year round by some filers: estimated taxes. Ryan notes that if you're a consultant or freelance worker, you might need to file these four extra tax payments. Find out who has to pay, when they're due and how... Read more →

Labor Day was created to celebrate the efforts of workers. It was first celebrated on Tuesday, Sept. 5, 1882, in New York City. The annual observance date that we now recognize came two years later. One day a year doesn't do justice to folks who are doing their jobs. And this year's Labor Day is bittersweet given how many people are out of work and long to labor. Here's hoping that everyone looking for work finds if not their dream job, at least one that helps them get their lives back on track. As for the employed among us, Tax... Read more →

How's your summer going? Here in Central Texas, the dog days have definitely arrived and yes, I know I referenced this climatological and astronomical seasonal occurrence earlier today. Sorry, but it's hard to think of other topics when it's so hot, hot, hot. Too hot to do much of anything … except hold a Tax Carnival! So we welcome the smoking hot Tax Carnival #89: Dog Days edition. The pack is in no particular order, but all of this month's contributors are on the hunt for tax tips, news and even some commentary. So let's loose the hounds of tax.... Read more →

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. The decision on to break away from England had been coming for a while. The precise process to do so began about a month before. On June 7 in a session at the Pennsylvania State House (what we now know as Independence Hall), Richard Henry Lee of Virginia read a resolution that began: "Resolved: That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States, that they are absolved from all allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and... Read more →

Welcome to June, the sixth month of the year and home of the official beginning of summer. The ever-warmer days mean we spend additional time outdoors, both day and night. If you're inclined to enjoy June after dark, several constellations are on display this month. They include Boötes (the bear driver), Libra (the scales) and Ursa Minor (the little bear). Ursa Minor also is home to two of the most well known objects in the night sky, the Little Dipper and Polaris, popularly known as the North Star. Some folks are inclined to look to the stars in addition to... Read more →