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Tulips in field_zdenek-machacek-kC3TK5Y714A-unsplash1
A field of tulips in Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands. (Photo: Unsplash+ in collaboration with Zdeněk Macháček)

Tax season, at least the filing part for most of us, ended this week with the arrival on Oct. 16 of the extension deadline. That means that many of us in the tax world are thinking of taking a bit of a break.

One place to consider is Amsterdam.

The Netherlands capital has always been a popular tourist destination. Yes, I'm starting with the city's more-lax laws in connection with mood altering substances and, shall we say, personal interactions.

For the less daring tourist, the town's Museum District is home to works by Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer. And if you go in the spring, there are the tulips that have made Holland as famous as its artists.

The bicycle-friendly Dutch city also has gotten a lot of recent exposure thanks to popular television shows. Mystery fans get mini tours weekly as the Van der Valk team solves crimes. And the Ted Lasso splashy "Sunflowers" episode was exquisite.


Tourist tax hike expected: Now also is a good time to go if you're on a budget. Officials are considering hiking Amsterdam's tourist tax.

The city's government's 2024 budget includes charges that officials hope will slow down the influx of tourists.

Yes, that's a thing. While visitors can boost an economy, when a city gets so seasonally overcrowded that everyone, both residents and visitors, are miserable, its leaders look to if not reduce the crowds, at least make some additional money off the visiting masses.

The city's budget document notes that the added money would be used to ensure that "neighbourhood teams and support for household help and daytime activities can be maintained at the same level. City districts will get extra support to solve local problems more quickly and to invest in green spaces and play spaces, and money will be made available to keep community centres and youth centres operating. In addition, more money will be allocated to waste collection and cleaning the city."

Adding again to tourists' costs: The tax move is not new to Amsterdam. In 2019, it raised tourist-related charges so much that they were declared the highest in Europe.

Now the city is looking to hike them again. The daily fee charged cruise ship visitors would go from 8 to 11 euros, or $8.50 to $11.60 U.S. dollars.

Those staying in terra firm accommodations in 2024 also would pay more. The nightly fee for hotel room prices would climb to 12.5 percent of the room rate.

With an average room rate of €175 ($185) per person, this means an increase from €15.25 ($16.14) to €21.80 ($23.07) per night next year.

So, if you're planning a trip to Amsterdam in 2024, make sure you take the possible (probable) new taxes into account in your travel budget.

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Insightful Update on Amsterdam's Potential Tourist Tax Hike!

Thanks for the heads-up on Amsterdam's possible tourist tax increase! As an avid traveler, staying informed about such changes is crucial for planning and budgeting.

It's interesting to see cities like Amsterdam balancing the charm for tourists with addressing overcrowding. The proposed tax adjustments seem strategic, not just for revenue but also for community investment and improving local services.

The breakdown of fund usage, from supporting community centers to green spaces, shows a holistic approach to enhancing the experience for residents and visitors.

The mention of the 2019 tax increase adds context, making me ponder the delicate balance between attracting tourists and managing their impact.

For those planning an Amsterdam adventure in 2024, your breakdown of proposed changes, especially cruise ship fees and hotel prices, is helpful. It's a reminder to include these costs in travel budgets.

Eagerly watching for updates on this and other travel-related news. Amsterdam's unique blend of history, art, and culture is a magnet for travelers, and understanding the evolving financial landscape adds an interesting layer to the journey.

Hoping these changes contribute positively to the city's vibrancy, and visitors continue enjoying Amsterdam. Safe travels to fellow wanderers!

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