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MN rebate checks mailed by MT company_WCCO screenshot

If you live in Minnesota and a letter with a Montana return address shows up in your U.S. Postal Service box, open it.

It could be your special, one-time income tax rebate for the 2021 tax year 2021, which the Minnesota Department of Revenue started distributing in mid-August.

The amount could be as much as $1,300 for some Minnesota taxpayers.

Paper check confusion: Around 2.1 million North Star State residents are eligible for the tax rebate. Most are getting the money as a direct deposit.

However, around 950,000 rebate recipients will get their money as a paper check. The checks started going out this month.

But the checks are causing some confusion and concern.

Some people aren't sure if the financial document is real.

Tax officials are worried that some people might literally throw away their rebates, thinking it's junk mail.

Others are concerned that the check is a fraudulent tax scheme. Kudos to those folks who are being careful.

Third-party check assistance: The various skeptical reactions to the checks are prompted primarily by the Missoula, Montana, address associated with the rebate mailing.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue announced earlier that the state rebates would be issued by U.S. Bank and sent by Submittable Holdings Inc.

State revenue officials also noted that the paper checks would be "mailed in a plain white envelope and are protected by standard banking safeguards to help detect and prevent fraud."

The photo at the top of this post is Submittable Holdings' address as it appears on the rebate material. Below is a sample of the rebate mailing (or here as a PDF).


Legitimate state payout: The concern about the validity of the checks is warranted. Criminals routinely latch onto real tax situations and use them as the basis for their cons. But that's not the case this time.

The checks from Montana are the real deal in Minnesota.

And for those who dumped the mailing in the junk bin, you can get a new one. But you'll have to wait.

Minnesota Department of Revenue officials say that if in 60 days from the check's issue date, the check isn't cashed, the original will be voided and a new check issued.

Two times the tax tasks: Some Minnesota are asking why their own state's tax department isn't taking the lead.

The answer is timing.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue is dealing right now with property tax refunds.

"The department does not have the resources needed to issue both payments without risking an interruption to property tax refunds," department spokesperson Ryan Brown told the Minneapolis Fox television affiliate.

Missing rebate follow-up: Minnesotans who are unsure about whether they're eligible for rebate can review the eligibility requirements on the revenue department's website.

If you are eligible for a payment and don't get it, either via mail or direct deposit, by October, you can call (651) 565-6595 or email [email protected] to request help in reviewing your situation.

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