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Your next "welcome to your new job" handshake could be at the Internal Revenue Service. (Photo: Unsplash+ in collaboration with Ahmet Kurt)

A key part of the Internal Revenue Service's plan to increase taxpayer compliance is personnel. It takes people to track down and confirm they, or their businesses, owe taxes.

So the IRS is looking to hire 3,700 employees nationwide.

Specifically, the agency is seeking people, preferably experienced accountants, to serve as revenue agents.  

Revenue agent special skills: IRS revenue agents, known officially as Internal Revenue Agents, serve as technical experts in examinations of significant and complicated tax compliance issues, noted the IRS in its announcement of its new job openings.

Their cases typically concern the most complex income tax returns filed by individuals, organizations, and other entities, including those with extensive subsidiaries with operations of national or international scope.

Overall, the IRS says this round of hiring is part of its larger effort to make tax enforcement more equitable, and expand compliance in areas of concern such as high-income earners, partnerships, large corporations, and promoters.

RA requirements, pay, and locations: These specialized positions are for mid-career professionals with specialized experience and education.

These are higher graded positions, General Schedule GS-13 level in the federal civil service system. That means an annual salary of about $125,000.

People working in the financial services industry — such as tax accountants, forensic accountants auditors, controllers, and treasurers — frequently have the relevant education, experience, and skills to apply for revenue agent posts, says the IRS.

An applicant's specialized experience could translate into being qualified. No matter what kind of degree an applicant has they could qualify if their coursework included at least 30 semester hours in accounting.

The IRS job announcement on USAJobs has additional details on education and experience requirements.

And if you're happy where you live, you might not have to move, or at least not very far.

The compliance positions the IRS is looking to fill are in than 250 locations nationwide. That is literal. The USAJobs page shows the openings in IRS offices in all 50 states, as well as in Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

Interested applicants also can find more about the IRS positions via virtual information sessions at the agency's events page. Applicants aren't required to attend an information session, but the information will help applicants understand the USAJobs process, which all IRS applicants must use.

You can get a preview in the IRS YouTube video below on its revenue agent openings.


Rebuilding the IRS: This latest hiring effort builds off earlier efforts to add taxpayer service employees at the IRS, thanks largely to the added IRS funds in the Inflation Reduction Act enacted last August.

"Our first wave of hiring focused on taxpayer service positions to help improve our phone and in-person assistance," said IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel.

"This next wave of hiring will help the IRS add key talent like tax accountants to help reverse a decade-long decline of audits for the wealthy as well as complex partnerships and corporations," said Werfel.

Filling these 3,700 slots, which earn this this weekend's By the Numbers recognition, should be a good start.

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