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Peeking at Biden, Harris 2022 tax returns

Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden share a lighter moment. Last week, they also shared their 2022 federal and state tax returns with the American public. (Photo courtesy K. Harris/White House)

The U.S. president's and vice president's tax returns were among the more than 117 million filings that the Internal Revenue Service has received through mid-April.

We know this because, as is once again tradition, President Joe Biden and his wife, First Lady Jill Biden, made their 2022 tax return public. So did Vice President Kamala Harris and Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff.

The Bidens' filing showed they paid $137,659 in federal taxes on their adjusted gross income last year of $579,514. That's an effective federal income tax rate of 23.8 percent.

The Bidens also paid state tax to Delaware, which they call home when not in Washington, D.C., and Virginia, where Dr. Jill Biden is a community college professor. Those state taxes totaled $32,162. That brings the total combined federal and state taxes paid by the Bidens on 2022 earnings to $169,820.

That nearly $170,000 in total taxes also is this weekend's By the Numbers figure.

Detailing deductions: The Bidens itemized, and their Schedule A shows they paid $14,442 in interest on their primary home's mortgage.

They also reported state and local taxes income taxes paid last year of $33,042 and real estate taxes of $23,152. But thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act limitation here, they (like many of us) could only claim $10,000 as a federal deduction.

Their Schedule A also showed total charitable gifts of $20,180 that, according to an attached worksheet, went to 20 different charities. The largest single donation was to the Beau Biden Foundation, named after the president's late son. It focuses on protecting children from abuse and received $5,000 from the Bidens last year.

Veep tax totals: The 2022 joint filing by VP Harris and her husband showed their federal AGI of $456,918 on which they paid $93,570 in federal income tax. That's an effective federal income tax rate of 20.5 percent.

Harris and Emhoff paid $17,612 in California income tax, and the Second Gentleman paid $9,697 in District of Columbia income tax on his earnings from teaching at Georgetown Law School.

They, too, itemized. Their Schedule A showed deductible charitable contributions last year of $23,000.

Decades of public taxes: Biden's latest tax release brings to 25 the number of years of tax returns that he has shared with the public. That quarter century of individual filings is the most tax returns released by any president while in office, according to the White House.

The vice president's latest public release of her taxes marks 19 years of public filings.

You can get the details yourself at the White House's postings of the Biden and Harris returns.

As for previous Commander in Chief and Veep filings, as well as those who unsuccessfully sought the highest office in the land, check out the archive maintained by Tax Analysts/Tax Notes.

As for previous Commander in Chief and Veep filings, as well as those who unsuccessfully sought the highest office in the land, check out the archive maintained by Tax Analysts/Tax Notes.

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