When tax Groundhog Day - amending an earlier 1040 - is a smart move
Don't fall for post-disaster scams. Do claim any tax breaks.

Frozen out, but defrosting taxes

Austin power outages 01Feb2023-1

If you've missed me, it's because the hubby and I are among the 150,000 households without electricity. Then our cell service went all wonky and I couldn't hotspot. Plus, it seems really cold temps do a number on all types of batteries.

I don't want to waste either computer or phone batteries, but I was able to update the ol' blog's February tax moves sidebar, over there to the right.

More on this short month's tax task and, well, more tax stuff, as soon as we get full power restored. And my fingers thaw.

For others in our same frigid boat, stay safe and warm.

Now I'm off to eat the ice cream before it turns to liquid!


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