If you missed Tax Day, file and pay by June 14 to avoid larger penalties
June 15 is Tax Day for filers abroad, estimated tax payers, and some Puerto Rico residents

Don't fall for any of 2022's Dirty Dozen tax scams

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All graphics courtesy IRS Tax Pros Twitter account

Benjamin Franklin wasn't quite correct. There are three constants in life: death, taxes, and tax scams.

For more than two decades, the Internal Revenue Service has annually highlighted the 12 worst recent scams. This year's Dirty Dozen includes questionable tax arrangement touted by con artists, pandemic-related schemes to steal people's identities and refund money, dubious tax payment options, and unscrupulous tax preparers.

For the last few years, the IRS has shifted from a single list of a dozen tax scams to multiple alerts with more details on the various scams. Those new releases are this weekend's Saturday Shout Outs, listed below in order in which they were issued.

Just click on the bold-faced IRS announcement titles in the above list. They are links that will take you to the tax agency's full releases that have even more information on all of this year's Dirty Dozen tax scams.

IRS graphic for 2022 Dirty Dozen tax scams_chick fishing phishing tax scams

Remember, tax scams don't stop when the main tax season ends on Tax Day. Crooks sometimes can find easier targets once folks aren't paying that much attention to their taxes.

So know the tactics that tax con artists use and don't become one of their victims, any time of the year.

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