A Christmas Eve 2021 tax review
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Christmas Day 2021 fun facts

Merry Christmas!

If you're checking out a tax blog post on Dec. 25, that can mean only one thing. You've managed to escape momentarily from a contentious family gathering.

Been there, hated that. It's never fun tip-toeing around politics and, with COVID still raging, polarizing health topics. That tension goes double during the holidays. 

Maybe this will help. Here are some festive factoids you can use to redirect the conversations to a merrier destination.

Plus, as an internet present for you, there are some tax links in this post's copy. Hey, you're the one who clicked over to the ol' tax blog on Christmas Day!

Fa-la-la-la facts: Let's start with some Christmas stats, courtesy the Daily Infographic blog, that you can share.


I'll let you peruse the infographic at your leisure, but I have to point out a few items that caught my eye.

The United States produces 1.76 billion candy canes each year. There's got to be some of those striped peppermint treats in the 30 million pounds of holiday mail that's sent each year to American military personnel stationed overseas.

We're also wild about light displays. If all the Christmas lights put up across the country each holiday season were laid end to end, they would stretch 167,000 miles and could circle the earth nearly seven times.

And since the infographic is dubbed Christmas by the numbers, I'm running with that and making those 167,000 miles of multi-colored holiday lights this special December weekend's By the Numbers tax figure.

OK, technically there isn't a strict tax connection here, but it's Christmas Day, and my blog, so ho, ho, ho!

Toys, too: Want more? Then talk toys. After all, it's not Christmas without Santa putting some under the tree.

Every year there seems to be one hot item that parents are frantic to get the kiddos. Daily Infographic (thanks again!) also is featuring a visual of the most popular Christmas toys since 1983.

Since it's a long list of the hardest to find, but most asked for toys over many decades, I'm only showing an excerpt below of two of my yesteryear favorites: Beanie Babies and Sesame Street star Tickle Me Elmo.




You can see the full toys list at the Daily Infographic blog post. Both of this website's holiday-themed infographic posts also earn Christmas Saturday Shout Outs.

Yes, I am combining the ol' blog's two standing weekend features on this one day. Again, it's Christmas Day, and my blog, and the final 2021 tax year entries for those special pages, so ho, ho, ho and ho!

Happy holidays: I hope this post offered some diversion today, giving you a respite that allows you to return refreshed to your love-'em-but… family and friends.

I also hope you got what you wanted and/or needed.

But most of all, the Tex-Mex folk art armadillo who sneaked into our nativity display below and I hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

Texas Mexican folk art armadillo joins Nativity Scene_Kay Bell photo







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