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Boxing Day 2020 giving ideas and tax tips

Merry Christmas 2020!

Or rather, Moooy Christmas!

Christmas cows a-plenty occupy our house each December. At top is a holiday gathering, including a cow, on our hearth. The bottom row, left to right features a moooy mantel decoration, our seasonally festive kitchen cow and a Roku bovine from our nativity. (Photos by Kay Bell)

In our home, we have several indicators that Christmas time is officially here.

I hear Silver Bells somewhere other than my personal holiday play list. We get a card from a friend in a place where we used to live. Our kitchen cow dons her annual holiday wig o' ribbons.

I've been a bovine fan for a long time. I mean, these wonderful creatures give us the basic ingredient for ice cream! They are to be worshiped for that alone.

In addition to the various cow homages that are around the house year-round, cows naturally have special places in our holiday decorations. That means our folk-art style cow has even more company when Christmas rolls around, as shown in the cow collage atop this post.

No tax talk holiday: On most previous Christmas Days, I've included a tax comment or a link or two to some holiday-related tax topic in my Dec. 25 post. Not this year.

2020 has been crazy. And scary. And infuriating. And it's still going on for a few more days. Then we'll see what 2021 will bring.

Until then, we all deserve a day off from taxes. So on this Dec. 25, 2020, there's no tax talk.

Simply my wishes to you for Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Moooy Christmas 2020.

I hope you are able today to find some love, peace and joy and, if needed, consolation. And I definitely hope that 2021, which will be here in six short days, is a much, much better year.

Take care of yourself and those you hold dear. And enjoy this and every day.

Christmas decorations and greenery


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