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Cardi B talks taxes and more with Joey B

Screen shot of Cardi B Joe Biden convo Elle magazine sponsored
Rapper Cardi B quizzes Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on taxes (and more) in Elle magazine video chat.

The 2020 Democratic Convention kicks off today, but former Vice President Joe Biden, who later this week will be formally nominated by his party to take on Donald J. Trump, got a media head start.

Biden's recorded video chat with music superstar Cardi B was posted this morning.

No, the nearly 17-minute video wasn't put out by the Joe Biden/Kamala Harris campaign. The conversation was sponsored by Elle, where Cardi's visage graces the fashion/lifestyle magazine's September cover.

And no, Cardi's not coming for the jobs of Axios' Jonathan Swan or Fox News' Chris Wallace, both of whom recently went head-to-head with Trump. But the 27-year-old woman was earnest and authentic in expressing her concerns to a man 50 years her senior.

Informal, topical talk: Between the swapping of personal anecdotes — Joey B is the nickname Biden's daughter gave him; Cardi faced financial challenges as a commuting New York City college student; both relied on family for child care help — the Bronx rapper asked the former Veep about topics of interest to her, and undoubtedly millions of other Americans, as the Nov. 3 election day nears.

They included the cost of higher education, ways to expand medical insurance coverage and efforts to fight systemic racism and achieve greater racial equality.

At the end of the Zoom chat, they pair also touched on taxes.

"Can you provide college education, this Medicare plan without a big chunk of taxes coming out of our checks?" Cardi B asked the candidate.

Biden said it's possible by taking practical approaches to taxation. He cited his proposal for a 15 percent minimum tax on all profitable businesses.

Prior political conversations: It's not surprising the Grammy-winning millennial musician was willing to chat with a career politician who likely represents the end of the Baby Boomers' hold on U.S. campaigns.

In the upcoming Elle cover story, Cardi talks about politics and activism, including her outrage at Breonna Taylor's death and her encouragement of her fans to become more civically engaged at all levels of government.

She's also spoken of the possibility of running for public office.

The Biden talk also is not the first time she's discussed politics and policy with someone seeking the highest office in the land. A year ago, Cardi spoke with Bernie Sanders, who then was battling Biden for the Democratic presidential nominate.

That talk was produced by the Sanders' team covered some of the same topics as today's with Biden.

Still not a tax fan: It's also not the first time Cardi B has had some thoughts on taxes.

Just before Tax Day in April 2018, she took to her Instagram account to describe, in her own inimitable and uncensored way, her thoughts on paying taxes.

In case you didn't get the hint in her tax question to Biden, she's not a big fan of income taxes.

Cardi B is not a fan of income taxes

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