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It's Friday. The last Friday of the month. A Friday heading into a three-day weekend.

So I'm being lazy. I'm shifting Shout Out Saturday to Friday, or as I call it on these special days Focus Friday.

The focus this Friday leading into the Labor Day weekend is tax laws.

Lee Reems II, a Twitter tax pal and CEO of ClientWhys, and obviously is a busy guy. But he still had the time this week to pull together a good overview of tax law changes still in the works in the wake of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017.

Or as Lee puts it, U.S. Tax Law Changes: How Far We've Come and Where We're Headed.

In addition to highlighting seven pending tax proposals, and no I'm not even giving you highlights because (a) the purpose of Shout Out Whatever Day is to send you to another good tax site and (b) Friday of a long weekend, Lee also talked to some tax pros about what tax law changes they want to see.

Thanks, Lee, for the nice summary and allowing me an early start to the Labor Day weekend.

Enjoy the article and your long weekend!

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