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Sometimes justice does prevail.

Last week it arrived along with a dose of schadenfreude from all us who've paid, albeit usually grudgingly, our taxes over the years.

On Friday, June 21, Virginia tax attorney-turned-lobbyist James F. Miller pleaded guilty to willfully filing a false tax return.

And Miller wasn't just any National Capital area tax attorney.

He was former employee of the Department of Justice' Tax Division. Again, schadenfreude.

Six-digit tax bill on under-reported millions: The amount of money involved in Miller's case also is impressive.

Miller, 67, under reported his gross income on his 2010 through 2014 tax returns by more than $2.2 million, according to the Justice Department's announcement of the plea.

The total tax loss resulting from Miller’s fraudulent conduct was approximately $735,933.

The size of both the $2,215,587 in unreported earnings and the more than 700 grand in unpaid tax on the money earn co-recognition this week as the By the Numbers figures.

Miller is scheduled to be back in federal court on Sept. 27 for sentencing. He faces a maximum sentence of three years in prison, a term of supervised release and monetary penalties.

One part of his punishment, however, already is settled.

Miller has agreed to pay the Internal Revenue Service the $735,933 tax debt as restitution.

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Kay Bell

I think he might time in Club Fed, if only to send a fairness message to him and all us taxpayers who depend on government officials to set good/better examples.


Sounds like he will NOT get jail time. Paying his bill and financial penalties is a slap on the wrist. Jail time is the only way to discorage this behavior for the rich and famous. This particular person also needs to be disbarred.

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