It's Weekly Tax Tip time
Celebrating marijuana and its taxes on 420 Day

Tax Day still on the horizon in 5 states

US map_Kiplingler states with most friendly tax systems
How accommodating is your state's tax system? Kiplinger lists the top 10 most tax-friendly states.

Most U.S. taxpayers are breathing a sigh of relief as this week winds down. They made it through Tax Day 2019, getting their annual federal return to Uncle Sam.

Millions also filed their state returns at the same time. They live in the 43 states and District of Columbia that collect some sort of personal income tax.

The majority of those state tax departments follow the Internal Revenue Service's filing time frame.

But not all.

Five states have return due dates that are a tad later than the mid-April federal deadline. They are:

Weekend rules apply: Don't freak out Aloha State taxpayers. You don't have to get your Form N-11 to the Hawaii Department of Taxation by tomorrow.

But you might have to work on it over the weekend.

Since Hawaii's April 20 state tax return filing deadline falls on a weekend this year, you get until the next business day. That's Monday, April 22.

And a quick reminder for all y'all in the First, Hawkeye, Old Dominion and Pelican States. If you didn't already file your state returns when you submitted your federal taxes, you need to start looking at your state's tax requirements now.

Your state's tax deadline will be here before you know it.

File for free: The good news is that all of these states offer free online filing for their residents.

Remember, though, that if you owe and pay by credit card, those payments are handled by private vendors and they collect a fee for getting your money to your state tax collector.

Get state free file details at the individual state tax departments' websites. The links in the bullet list above will take you there.

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