5 tax moves to make this April
12 reasons to file a tax return even if you don't have to

Miss a March tax tip? Find them on their special page

Hand pointing fingerI don't know about you, but March sure seemed to roar right past me.

Lion, lamb, whatever your tax animal, last month was a big one for filers. We finally seemed to find our tax stride, with Internal Revenue Service statistics showing that, for the most part, this first tax season under major tax law changes is finally starting to look normal.

Or as normal as life can be during tax filing time, at least when it comes to refund amounts.

If you were among those more than 84 million taxpayers who filed a return during the first three weeks of last month, congratulations.

If, however, you're still working on your 2018 tax year return, probably because you owe Uncle Sam more tax than you had withheld, then you've got a little less than two weeks to finish up that 1040 or file for an extension.

Timely tax tips: For all y'all looking to just get done with your annual tax task, the ol' blog's 2019 Filing Season Tax Tips can help. You'll can find them where the tax tips have been for years, over (as the flying fickle finger of [tax] fate indicates) in the right column just above the old-school yellow No. 2 pencil tip image.

If you missed any of the highlighted pieces of tax advice that appeared there when they were featured, you can check them out on their own special pages.

April's tips are under way, but if you missed any of the earlier ones, they are collected on their own monthly pages.

There also are the most recent March tax filing tips (the reason for this post), which were preceded by those for the short on days but not tax tips month of February and all the way back to when the 2019 filing season started in January.

Whether you're still working on your taxes yourself, have turned your annual tax-filing task over to a professional or are making moves for the 2019 tax year, you can check out all the 2019 Filing Season Tax Tips whenever the tax mood strikes.





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