Good, bad & unbelievable reasons for not filing your taxes
Tax Day still on the horizon in 5 states

It's Weekly Tax Tip time

Hand pointing fingerWe made it! Tax Days 2019 — and yes, Days is correct, since there were two April deadlines this year — are done!

OK, maybe we made it because we filed for an extension. That's OK. We got something in to the Internal Revenue Service on time.

Now we can relax. But not too much.

In addition to meeting that Oct. 15 due date, all of us need to be proactive with tax moves over the next few months to ensure that our 2020 bill is as small as possible when we file next year.

That's what the Weekly Tax Tips, which start today, will primarily focus on for the remainder of the year.

Featured weekly, kept forever: Just like the more frequent tax tips that went up during the main filing season, this weekly iteration will be highlighted at the top of the ol' blog's right column each week, with a new one appearing generally each Friday.

If you miss a tax tip, no worries. The Weekly Tax Tips have their own special page. You can peruse it at your leisure since I know reading tax tips is how you want to spend your down time.

As for the 10 million or so filers who got an extension to file their 2018 taxes, you can always check out the Filing Season Tax Tips that just ended with the dual arrivals of the 2019 Tax Days. They, too, have their own pages, designated by the months in which they were highlighted: January, February, March and April.

Regardless of which tips you want or need, thanks for reading and hanging around in the typically slower tax time of the year.

I'll do my best via tax tips and other posts to help you finish your 2018 taxes, get ready for the 2020 filing season, meet other 2019 tax year deadlines and, my main goal, keep you intelligently entertained!





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