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It's Filing Season 2019 Tax Tip time

Hand pointing fingerIt's that time of year again, tax season.

OK, not officially, especially since we're waiting for Congress and the White House to reach a deal that will end the partial government shutdown and let the Internal Revenue Service resume operations at full speed again.

But we taxpayers can't afford to wait on the politicians. We know that we still have to file our taxes, even it we end up having to wait on the IRS to process our returns. Yeah, I know. Not fair. But c'est la tax laws.

To make sure that we stay on track, I'll again be posting tax tips during the filing season. They obviously will focus on completing our 2018 tax year 1040 forms.

And most of the information, again obviously, will take into account the many changes we now face in meeting our tax obligations under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

Many tips, no fixed schedule: There's one slight change this year.

In the past, I posted a new tip every weekday. Some new commitments in my personal life, however, have necessitated a revision to my tax tip posting. There's no fixed schedule for the 2019 tax season.

But I promise you won't be shortchanged.

I'll be posting links to relevant blog tax topics several times a week. As in prior years, you'll find them at the top of the ol' blog's right column.

The tips will be there through the April filing deadline. And you'll still be able to quickly spot them thanks to the old-school yellow No. 2 pencil tip image that will remain where it has for years.

Also as in previous filing seasons, once a tax tip is posted, it will be will be archived on a monthly tax tip page. The tax tips page for January 2019 is live. The February, March and April tip collections will go up when those months arrive.

That way, whether you'll be (or already are) working on your taxes or turning your annual tax-filing task over to a professional, you can check out all the 2019 Filing Season Tax Tips whenever the tax mood strikes.





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