Tax and financial lessons from the government shutdown
Celebrating Christmas' and the tax code's magi

Merry Christmas Eve and thanks to Santa Claus for all his potentially tax-deductible work today

Santa in Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Miracle on 34th Street via GiphyKris Kringle (Edmund Gwenn in the 1947 classic "Miracle on 34th Street") gets in a little sleigh practice at Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.

Santa Claus is already hard at work, according to the Christmas specialists at NORAD, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, who are tracking his gift deliveries. (Yes, they're on the job despite the federal government's partial shutdown.)

Santa's travels during this 24 hours of dropping off gifts for good girls and boys means he will travel around 212 million miles around the globe.

As a small business owner, that's a lot of tax-deductible mileage — presuming that the North Pole's tax system is similar to ours here in the United States.

Tax residency matters: Technically, Kris Kringle is a global citizen, since no country owns the North Pole. It sits in international waters, with the closest land being the Canadian territory Nunavut.

Some Canadians also lay claim to Santa's citizenship by pointing out that the Jolly Old Elf has a Canadian postal code: HOH OHO.

But let's not get bogged down in international disputes over the man who's responsible for so much annual joy this time of year. He and the happiness he brings is for us all!

And let's not worry about taxes either as we count down the arrival of St. Nicholas and his eight (or nine if you count Rudolph) tiny reindeer.

Post-Christmas tax moves: There will be time for that on Dec. 26, which for many is another holiday, Boxing Day. But that's for another tax-related blog post. Literally. Specifically this one.

If, however, you already need a break from your crazy uncle (and we all have one or more of those relatives!), you can get a head start by perusing these year-end tax move tips.

For most of us today, though, it's all about getting ready for tomorrow, Dec. 25.

So if you're heading out to your ultimate holiday destination, safe travels!

If you're already there, enjoy your family and friends.

And to borrow from one of the most famous literary works about the night before Christmas, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

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