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Are you an Instagram fan? I have an account, but it's not my go-to social media platform.

That's not too surprising since, according to various data, I'm not part of the app's primary demographic.

The digital marketing firm Omnicore says 59 percent of internet users between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram.

The Internal Revenue Service has found other research that shows an even larger slice of young Instagrammers. The tax agency says more than 70 percent of U.S. young adults age 18 to 24 are active on the photo and video sharing app.

And since young people also have to file taxes, the IRS has decided to expand its social media participation to Instagram.

If you have an account, you can follow Uncle Sam's tax agency at @IRSnews. I just did, becoming the IRS' 1,660th follower.

Hey, I might be several years past the prime Instagram demographic, but age is only important if you're wine or cheese! The IRS and I know that we gotta keep up with these kids today.

That's also why I've chosen the agency's Instagram followers count (including me) as this week's By the Numbers figure.

Latest (only) IRS posts: I could have gone with two, which is how many items @IRSnews has posted so far.

They're both mini videos offering, of course, tax advice. And both apparently were created by someone who's a big fan of fuchsia. Yes, that is why this post's section titles take on a purplish hue.

One features a chameleon touting IRS Publication 5307, which details the changes brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA).

IRS chameleon_IMG_1967

IRS chameleon with sign_IMG_1966










In this colorful post, the IRS also suggests folks check out its special Get Ready page at for more tax prep and filing tips.

The other Instagram item provides a heads-up reminder from a flamingo trio encouraging folks to join the flock of people preparing for 2019's approaching tax filing season

IRS flamingos_IMG_1969

IRS flamingos2_IMG_1970










More Instagram images on the way: In the coming days, the IRS promises to use its new Instagram presence to provide taxpayers the latest information on a variety of topics, particularly those related to the numerous TCJA tax law changes for the upcoming 2019 filing season.

Also expect, says the agency, to see tax scam information in connection with the Security Summit initiative, the joint IRS-tax industry-state tax offices effort to combat tax-related identity theft.

You also might be able to broaden your linguistic abilities since the IRS says its Instagram account will periodically share information in Spanish and other languages. Muy Bueno!

IRS' full social media portfolio: It's no surprise that the IRS has taken to social media. After all, the agency has been encouraging us taxpayers for years to go as electronic as possible, from gathering information to filing and paying our taxes to getting refunds.

"The addition of Instagram is another step for the IRS to share information more widely and reach additional taxpayers," said IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig in announcing the agency's latest social media venture. “This platform will help make people aware of important options they have during the upcoming filing season as well as other tax information they might not be aware. The IRS will continue to work with and help taxpayers in as many ways possible.”

Those other possible ways already include the IRS' other social media accounts:

The IRS notes that its social media efforts work closely with its IRS2Go free mobile app. You can use IRS2Go to check your tax refund status, pay any tax you owe, watch IRS YouTube videos and get IRS Tax Tips via email.

Wherever on social media you prefer to focus, check out the IRS offerings. And if you're closer to my age than the typical Instagram user, you can help me skew those user statistics a little more to the mature side!

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