Houston, we have a tax filing deadline problem
17 last-minute tax filing tips

Tax Day 2018 freebies and discounts

Free in Batman comics style

Apparently working on your taxes works up an appetite. That's the message from businesses offering freebies, or at least discounted items, on Tuesday, April 17, aka Tax Day 2018.

Bagels, cinnamon rolls, sandwiches (sub, traditional and breakfast versions), cookies and Texas favorites corndogs (although some vendors — Yankees, perhaps? — call them hot dogs on a stick) and tacos (same culinary language nationwide) are there for your tasty taking on Tax Day.

Taxes got you too stressed to eat? Take advantage of massages to ease you into a post-filing relaxed state.

If you prefer to stay focused on the day's goal, check out tax-related discounts on filing and follow-up tasks like document shredding.

There are even some deals on furniture, home appliances and travel if you're looking to literally escape your tax situation.

So just where are these April 17 bargains?

They are collected in posts found at these six Shout Out Saturday sites:

Tax Day Freebies 2018: Free and Cheap Items on Tax Day 2018 at TheBalance.com 

20 Tax Day Freebies and Deals: Free Sandwiches, Treats, Massages and More at ThePennyHoarder.com 

Save Money With These 54 Tax Day Deals, Discounts and Freebies at GoBankingRates.com 

All of the free stuff and discounts you can get right now in honor of Tax Day at BusinessInsider.com 

List of Tax Day Freebies & Discounts 2018 at InspiringSavings.com

Tax Day 2018 Freebies and Deals at RetailMeNot.com

If a chain is offering a Tax Day deal, you should get it at your neighborhood franchise.

Be sure, too, to check your local news outlets for more close-to-home April 17 savings.

Happy and successful hunting, both for Tax Day goodies and tax return savings.



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