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I spent most of today with my Mom, running errands with her and chauffeuring her to a couple of medical appointments. (She's fine. It was routine stuff. Thanks for asking.)

But I did make time to hook up with my peeps, all the Twittering tax experts, accountants, writers, preparers, attorneys, Enrolled Agents and general tax geeks who set aside an hour at the beginning of each month to talk taxes.


Specifically, we were part of the first #TaxBuzzChat of 2018, coordinated and moderated by, as the name (and my headline) indicates, TaxBuzz.com

As you guessed — OK, noticed in the chat graphic above — our topic today was the new tax laws that took effect earlier this week.

"There's still a lot of commotion around tax cuts and the tax bill so there's much to discuss," noted Joann Doan, chat coordinator and marketing manager at TaxBuzz's parent company ClientWhys, Inc. 

So many new laws, so many questions: The tax reform/tax cuts topics touched on today included —

  • Who likely benefits the most from the pass-through deduction,
  • Whether the Tax Cuts and Jobs act simplified taxes or made things more complicated, and
  • The effects, good and bad, this particular set of tax law changes will have not just on taxpayers, but also for the tax preparation industry.

You can sort through the Twitter comments for the complete exchange by searching for the #TaxBuzzChat hashtag.

Or you can read the highlights that Joann curated in her tax chat recap for the TaxBuzz blog.

I second Joann's suggestion that y'all follow up with any additional questions.

And I also encourage to you to follow everyone who took part in today's chat. They are among the best and brightest of the online tax world.

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