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Daily Tax Tips 2018 are here!

Finger_pointing to rightWelcome 2018 tax year. We know you are going to be crazy, but we are ready for whatever you plan to throw at us.

And it will be a lot.

In addition to starting out with the usual filing season tasks that focus on getting our 2017 tax returns to the Internal Revenue Service, there also are the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes to the tax code that will affect our 2018 tax bills.

The Daily Tax Tip feature is here to help you accomplish both your 2017 filing and planning for 2018, regardless of whether you're confident enough to work on your taxes yourself or turn the tax tasks over to a professional.

The tax tip will be there where the pointing finger indicates (at least at the start of the day!), at the top of the ol' blog's right column through the April filing deadline.

I'll post a new tip each weekday. The tips also will be archived on their own monthly tax tip pages. The January 2018 page is posted and it has more details on what to expect from the daily tips. February, March and April tax tip collections will go up when those months arrive. That way you can check them out whenever you get in the mood, or impending deadlines require you to work on your taxes.

And, as is tradition, when high filing season finally ends in mid-April, you can catch new tax tips on a weekly basis. You can get an idea of those offerings in last year's Weekly Tax Tips compilation.

Either way, whether you want daily pieces of advice geared toward filing now or weekly ones to help you finish your return if you get an extension and/or help find ways to save on your 2018 taxes, the Tax Tips are here to help.

Happy filing, planning and Tax Year 2018!




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