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7 money shows to listen to on International Podcast Day

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It's International Podcast Day! Why are you reading (although thank you for stopping by)? You should be listening.

That's why on this day celebrating the internet's audio offerings, this Shout Out Saturday goes to seven of my favorite financial podcasts.

Money-Girl-Podcast-150x1501. Money Girl
Laura Adams is the Money Girl of the title, offering her self-described "quick and dirty tips for a richer life." This one caught my ear because Adams' typically short and sweet 'casts often include comments about my favorite financial subject, taxes. Even better, her tips typically are pretty actionable, so as soon as you're through listening, you can put them use.

Smart-passive-income-podcast2. Smart Passive Income
Pat Flynn is an icon in the personal finance blogging world and his podcast full of insight into online marketing and online business is part of the reason why. If you're interested in growing your business, this weekly podcast, with lots of actionable advice and interesting guests, is for you.

SoMoney-150x1503. So Money
Farnoosh Torabi, an award-winning financial expert, TV host, journalist and best-selling author, uses her podcast as a platform to discuss financial strategies and success stories with today’s top business leaders and influencers. To that end, Torabi's podcast covers a wide range of topics and with its range of guests, you get great conversations on myriad subjects.

Freakonomics_radio_podcast_logo4. Freakonomics
If you've only know Freakonomics in its personal productivity book format created by economist Steven Levitt and personal finance journalist Stephen Dubner, you're missing out. On the surface, this audio version covers a wide range of seemingly odd topics, but the thread uniting all of the episodes is how to think more productively, rationally and creatively. That definitely can help all of us better manage not only our productivity, but also our money.

Afford Anything5. Afford Anything
Paula Pant's podcast is all about its title, helping listeners achieve their dreams of financial independence. The path and podcast, usually with guests offering their personal insight, runs through key financial matters from net worth, investing, real estate, reducing debt, budgeting, business, saving money and more.

NPR Planet Money6. Planet Money
Yes, it's NPR. No, it's not stodgy. In fact, this long-running public radio and financial podcast was designed to present money matters in a more casual, attainable format. It has succeeded. Even when complex economics issues, the reports are clear and often fun explanations about how money rules our world. And because the PM crew also creates radio stories for Morning Edition, All Things Considered and This American Life (as well as writes a blog) it's newsy.

StackingBenjamins_Podcast_300x300-150x1507. Stacking Benjamins
This podcast has a fun and upbeat tone and while I generally try to share the personal finance love equally, this is my favorite. Why? Host Joe Saul-Sehy, and not just because he's a fellow Texan. Not only does Joe know his money stuff, he presents it in a witty and entertaining way. The podcasts cover a wide variety of financial topics and feature a variety of different guests. Its tag line is Live. Laugh. Stack. I'd add one more word: Listen.

If you've never listened to a podcast, International Podcast Day is the perfect time to start.

It's easy. You can get started by clicking on the podcasts' bold-faced titles above. Grab your headphones or earbuds and enjoy!




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