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It's Daily Tax Tip time again!

Finger_pointing to rightIt's that time of year again, tax season.

Whether you're working on your Form 1040 (or 1040A or 1040EZ) yourself or turning your annual tax-filing task over to a professional, you'll want to check out the Daily Tax Tip.

It will be there at the top of the ol' blog's right column through the April filing deadline.

A new tip will be posted each weekday. All also will be archived on their own monthly tax tip pages -- January 2017 is posted, with February, March and April going live when those months arrive -- so you can check them out whenever the tax mood strikes.

And when high filing season finally ends, you can catch new tax tips on a weekly basis.

Hello, 2017. We are tax ready for you!


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Another thing: Don't use your ipad or phone as your tax calendar. Try using a paper desktop one.

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