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1 GOP candidate down: Mike Pence releases tax returns

GOP VP pick Pence expected to release tax returns today, but at top of the ticket Trump is still ducking the issue

Donald Trump is still refusing to release any of his tax returns, but word is that we could get a look today at some of his running mate's tax filings.

Trump and pence campaign together in Ohio Fox News screenshot
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his veep choice Mike Pence do many things together
as they campaign for the White House, but they diverge when it comes to releasing their personal tax returns.
Click image for a video report of their recent visit to Ohio.

"Donald Trump and I are both going to release our tax returns,” said GOP vice presidential nominee Indiana Gov. Mike Pence during an interview last weekend on NBC's Meet the Press. "I'll release mine in the next week."

Calendar watchers are taking that to me that Pence will make at least his most recent federal and state returns public sometime today. But Pence could have been literally talking about a seven-day time frame.

If or when Pence opens up his filings for public inspection, it will be more openness than he revealed as the Hoosier State's governor and a U.S. Representative from the state.

But the electoral stakes are higher. So good for Pence if/when he does decide to give us glimpse of what he pays in taxes, does to keep his taxes low and gives to charity.

Trump still keeping his 1040s secret: The top of the Republican ticket, however, is insistent that he won't show us his filings until a purported Internal Revenue Service audit is completed.

Pence repeated that mantra during the same interview in which he pledged to reveal his returns:

"Donald Trump will be releasing his tax returns at the completion of an audit."

Ah, yes, that infernal, internal audit of Donald Trump's taxes. All of them. Forever. Continually.

If Trump wins on Nov. 8, I suspect that audit will continue for at least four more years.

And if he doesn't win in a couple of months, then we've lost our chance for a glimpse at The Donald's purported billions.

What the quack? One guy is tired of waiting for Trump tax transparency.


A man dressed in a Donald Duck outfit, but with a shaggy orange wig atop his head instead of the cartoon character's usual cap, last week ruffled feathers at Trump Tower where he waved a sign announcing "Trump ducks releasing his tax returns."

The anti-Trump tax protester, who identified himself as DJ Quacker, also handed out a fake IRS Form 1040 on the sidewalk outside the Fifth Avenue high rise bearing Trump's name.

Just remember, folks. We still have 60 days until the madness that is the 2016 presidential election ends. I suspect a lot of folks will be ducking for cover in the coming days.

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