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Texas, taxes. Close enough on National Flip Flop Day

Texas taxes close enough flip flops beach

It's National Flip Flop Day

Or flip-flop if you're into hyphenates.

Or thong, which is what we called these sandals when I was a kid, way before the revealing and seemingly uncomfortable swimsuits of that name were invented, or at least known in my small West Texas hometown.

Political flipping, flopping, flailing: Flip flopping also is associated with politicians, as in reversing positions on issues, either strategically or by mistake or ….

A recent example is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Donald Trump seems to say something outrageous every day.

But for purposes of the ol' blog on Flip Flop Day 2016, we'll go with The Donald contradicting himself on taxes for the wealthy in two interviews hours apart back in May.

Trump walked back -- presumably in closed-toe shoes -- his tax hike comments after being called on the flip flop. But the damage was done. The damning political double F word had been uttered.

But enough of political tax talk on this special footwear day.

Whichever iteration of flip flop you prefer, enjoy it by giving your toes a little freedom and warm summer sun.


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