3 tax tasks to take care of on Tax Day
IRS tells flooded Houston taxpayers not to worry about filing their tax returns late

Happy Tax Day, take 2, for Maine & Massachusetts filers

Finally! Tax Day 2016 has arrived for folks in Maine and Massachusetts.

April 18_part 2

While procrastinators in the other 48 states and District of Columbia were working to finish their 1040s yesterday and get them on their way to the Internal Revenue Service, folks in Maine and Massachusetts had a literal and tax holiday.

Monday, April 18, was Patriots’ Day in those two New England states. The annual state holiday commemorates the 1775 Revolutionary War battles at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.

That celebration of the start of America's birth, as well as the running of the Boston Marathon and a day game for the Boston Red Sox, gave taxpayers in those two states until today, April 19, to file both their federal and state returns for the 2015 tax year.

If you're a Bay Stater or Down Easter still working on your taxes, here's hoping things go smoothly.

Free File is still available for your federal return. Also check with your state tax department about e-filing options for those returns. Or you can get your actual paper return in the mail today with the timely, for you, postmark.

You also can find some return completion help in the Daily Tax Tips, either in the end-of-week tax tip roundups or at the special monthly blog page collections of tips for/from January, February, March and April.


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