Trump 'looking at' releasing his tax returns ... eventually
Penalty for late tax filing increases

Taxes always at hand thanks to tablet, phone apps

I'm working on a tax story on my laptop, periodically referring to some background material on my PC screen (yes, I still have one of those dinosaurs).

Nearby is my smartphone, which keeps flashing with news updates (c'mon, surely there's more happening than Donald Trump rants!). And I'm listening to some tunes (the Hamilton cast album rules!) via my tablet.

Tax apps on ipad

Yes, I sometimes -- OK, all the time -- think I'm overly connected. But such electronic options can really come in handy at tax time for folks who want to use their handheld devices to deal with their 1040s.

That's the case made by Digital Trends' in its look at eight iPad apps you can use to file your taxes. You can check out the complete analyses by authors Jeffrey Van Camp and Rachel Grozanick at your leisure. But here are the apps they recommend:

  1. H&R Block Tax Preparation from H&R Block
  2. MyTaxRefund from Intuit
  3. Quick Tax Reference from Bloomberg BNA
  4. Ask a CPA from CPAdirect Marketing
  5. IRS2Go from the Internal Revenue Service
  6. TurboTax Tax Preparation from Intuit
  7. TaxAct Express from TaxACT
  8. TaxSlayer from TaxSlayer

Iphone tax appsPhone apps, too: I haven't personally checked these out. I do my taxes on my PC (again, a dinosaur).

My iPad is reserved for browsing magazines, some e-book reading and the aforementioned Spotify time.

But I do have a couple of tax apps on my smartphone for reference, both in connection with my taxes and recreational (tax geek!) tax browsing.

So I'm trusting Digital Times' review.

But if you've used any of these or other apps, the ol' blog's readers and I would love to hear your thoughts.

Do you use apps on any of your devices to help you file your returns? Which ones do you find most useful? Let us know in the comments section.


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