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2016's first tax tip: Filing season starts on Jan. 19

Finger_pointing to rightSo how's your first work day of 2016 going? I hate to add to the pile of stuff that you likely had to dig out of today, but I want to remind you that a new tax filing season will start in a few weeks.

And with that day on the horizon, the ol' blog is kicking off its annual Daily Tax Tip feature. The Jan. 19 start of the 2016 filing season is this year's first daily tip.

As in prior years (and as that old-timey pointing finger indicates), the Daily Tax Tip will be posted up there in the upper right corner.

And technically, they will be weekday-only tax tips, since I'm once again taking Saturdays and Sundays off when it comes to tip tidbits. Blame the hubby. He insists on getting at least a little of my time, even during high tax season.

Or you can blame my two other regular weekend features, By the Numbers and Last Week At My Other Tax Blog. Those standing postings keep me plenty busy on Saturdays and Sundays. And even a dedicated tax geek like me needs a break now and then.

If you, however, don't want to take a break on weekends in your search of tax breaks, I salute you. And I suggest that you use the weekends to peruse the special Daily Tax Tips monthly pages where all the tips are/will be collected.

January's page is underway. In addition to the tips list, that page has a bit more about the Daily Tax Tip process. The February, March and April Daily Tax Tips pages will go up as those tips are posted, with links between the pages so you can bounce around among them.


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