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Merry Texas Christmas, Y'all

Finally! Dec. 25 has arrived.

Not only is it Christmas, it's a no tax day here at the ol' blog. I'm taking the day off to spend it with the hubby, my mom and some friends. I hope you're getting to spend this day the way you want and with those who are important in your life.

Wherever you are, here are a few items to bring a little Texas cheer to your day.

It's still in the 70s here in Central Texas, but a cold front reportedly is heading our way. Until it arrives, I'm content to sit in front of this Texas-style Holiday Y'all Log, uploaded by The Salt Lick, one of the area's popular barbecue joints.


I also get a kick out of Texas grocery chain H-E-B's use of "Merry Texas Christmas" in a TV ad to showcase some Lone Star State towns with seasonal names.


I must admit, though, that it's disconcerting to hear Gene Autry, the Singing Cowboy and a Texas native, wish everyone "Merry Texas Christmas, you all" instead of "y'all." I get that the two syllables match the musical beat, but Autry could have used his Texas drawl to stretch out y'all.

Finally, as has become tradition here at the ol' blog, the Texas Christmas Armadillo and his Raku nativity compatriots wish you the best this holiday season and in the coming New Year.

Armadillo Raku nativity-2015

Merry Texas Christmas, all y'all! Everyone, everywhere!


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