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Tornadoes, other wild November weather: Be ready!

Mother Nature is drunk or in a particularly bad mood or can't read a calendar.

Whatever, yesterday's outbreak of tornadoes in the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles, as well as into Kansas and Nebraska, was extremely rare. Some weather folk are characterizing it as historic.

Massive wedge tornado Pampa Texas Nov 16 2015Click image to watch Pecos Hank's video of the massive Pampa, Texas, wedge tornado on 11-16-15 via AccuWeather.

Joking, sorta, aside, I have to quote the weather professionals here.

"Tornadoes can happen any time of year," notes Dr. Harold Brooks of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Severe Storms Laboratory. "It looks like the November 16th outbreak is the biggest outbreak of significant tornadoes in November on record this far west."

And now this storm system is heading east.

I'm not posting this just to link to amazing and terrifying videos (and photos) of twisters.

As a weather nut, I want to make sure folks are on alert.

Be ready, on the physical and financial and especially tax fronts, for dangerous weather, this week and any time of the year. As always, you'll find tips and suggestions at the ol' blog's special Natural Disasters Resources page.

Be prepared. Take care.


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