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Don't Mess With Taxes turns 10 today

Today's a pretty big day for me. On this day 10 years ago, I published my first post on Don't Mess With Taxes.

10 birthday candles_shutterstock

It's now 6,306 posts later and I'm still going, strong on some days, struggling on others. Yep, blogging is like life. You just keep on keeping on.

So while I'm not much for celebrating my personal birthday, today seemed somewhat noteworthy. And I get a kick out of looking at how the ol' blog has grown over this past decade.

I make no promises or predictions about another 10 years, but I can guarantee I'll still be blogging for as long as (1) I enjoy it and (2) taxes continue to amaze, amuse, baffle and frustrate.

Based on that criteria, I suspect I'll be around for a while. I hope all y'all will be, too!


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As you stated on your blog... Taxes can be frustrating! #TripTagger is a new app that is up and coming which can help those who jot down their mileage for either employer's who give them reimbursements or for business owners who need to get a credit for all the driving they do during the year! Check it Out! It's pretty easy to use. I shared a link below where you can find it. You never know someone may find it useful.



Samina, thanks so much! Kay


Happy blogiversary! I don't comment often, but I'm a faithful follower of your blog & have been for many years now. I always appreciate your clear explanations & insightful commentary. I sure hope you're around for many years to come.

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