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Paul & Cruz take literal aim at GOP presidential nomination

We get it Republican presidential hopefuls. There are way too many a lot of you out there and nobody can out-pontificate Donald tRump, so you have to resort to something flashier.

For two Southern candidates, that's guns, of course.

Sen. Rand Paul, the junior senator from Kentucky, already tried killing the bloated tax code with, among other things, a chainsaw.

But the Internal Revenue Code is tough, in every definition of the word. So on Wednesday before heading off to the second GOP debate, Paul on took aim with an AR-15 assault rifle.

Yeah. An 8-second video. Pretty anticlimactic, but a candidate has to try.

Back in August, Paul's Senate colleague Sen. Ted Cruz also loaded up an automatic weapon to show how he cooks bacon. The junior senator from my native state contends that the way we do it here in Texas.

Not that I'm calling Ted a li..., uh, an exaggerator, but I have never heard machine gun blasts accompanying the sound of coffee brewing in the morning.

How much longer until the Republicans pick their 2016 presidential nominee? I sure hope nobody gets hurt before then!

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