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It was a long holiday weekend, but that didn't stop workers at the Travis County Clerk's Office. They were at their Austin, Texas, posts to help same-sex couples get their marriage licenses.

"I don’t remember anything like this," County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir told the local NBC affiliate KXAN. "This is the first time we have had a specific opening on a specific holiday for a specific reason."

"The staff has hung in there even though they are tired," DeBeauvoir said. "The excitement and adrenaline carries them through the days."

Austin Big Gay Wedding preparations via KXAN
Click image to watch video of Austin's Big Gay Wedding preparations. You also can watch KXAN's coverage of the Independence Day event.

The result of the extended holiday hours? A lot of happy people, some of whom probably participated in the July 4 "Big Gay Wedding" ceremony on the south steps of the Texas state capitol.

Congratulations to all the newlyweds. But once the I do's are done, the couples have some tax to-do's to take care of.

I offered 6 tax tips for newlyweds, regardless of gender, in one of my posts last week at my other tax blog. As I noted there, taxes aren't generally romantic, but taking care of these tax tasks after you return from your honeymoon could save you some tax dollars.

Bankrate Taxes Blog logoAlso over at Bankrate Taxes Blog last week, I looked at Chicago's new 9 percent tax on some cloud services. It took effect July 1 after the Windy City's finance office expanded the amusement and personal property lease transaction taxes.

That means folks who stream television shows, movies or music will pay more for the online entertainment. But businesses, too, will pay the tax to access databases through cloud computing.

I usually post my additional tax thoughts at Bankrate Taxes Blog every Tuesday and Thursday. If you don't get a chance to check them out then and there, pop in here over the weekend -- or Monday if the weekend included a holiday -- for highlights and links.

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