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The hubby and I have a deal. Klutzy Kay doesn't get on a ladder when he's not home and he doesn't use power tools when I'm out of the house. That way we can serve as emergency room drivers for each other if, God forbid, the need ever arises.

Our arrangement came to mind when I watched Rand Paul's latest video attempt to boost public awareness of his 14.5 percent flat tax proposal (and punch up his GOP presidential wannabe polling numbers).

In the YouTube piece posted by his campaign, Paul uses a variety of methods to, in his words, kill the tax code, "all 70,000 pages of it."

Taking out the tax code: He burns it. OK he burns piles of paper that appear to be blank.

He stuffs another batch into a woodchipper. Maybe it's just me, but that gets me thinking more about the movie "Fargo" than the Internal Revenue Code.

Finally, Paul takes a chainsaw to the ersatz stacks of tax laws.

The chainsawing naturally made me wonder if Mrs. Paul was somewhere off camera, keeping an eye on her husband like I do when mine is trimming our yard's shrubs. Maybe. She probably was the one who made him wear the clear-but-there goggles.

The symbolic tax slashing also got me thinking that Paul had seen the Sprint TV commercial touting how folks who switch to its service can cut their current wireless bills in half. Again, that's probably just too-much-television-watching me.

Trying to trump The Donald: At least the video got Paul a little attention during a time when 99 percent of all media coverage has been on what outrageous thing Donald Trump might say next.

I guess Paul felt like he had to fight the fiery redhead -- and I'm not just talking his comb over -- with fire and a woodchipper and a chainsaw.

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