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Filing tips for the 2015 tax deadline that's just a month away

Not only is it a Monday -- and a freakin' crazy one, at least for me! -- it is exactly a month -- OK, a 30-day month -- until we have to get our 1040s to the Internal Revenue Service or ask for an extension.

Tax countdown clock screen shot-2Tax filing deadline countdown clock screen shot

Either way, we still have to pay what we expect to owe when we do finish up that tax paperwork.

Did I mention it was a crazy Monday for me? Until I can get a better handle on the day, which might not be until much later in these rapidly dwindling 24 hours, here's some general tax filing advice for any of y'all who are starting to freak out about your taxes.

Tax tips galore: Check the Daily Tax Tip over in the upper right corner of the page. It changes every week day.

I also review them at the end of each week. And if you happen to miss one on a daily or weekly basis, you can find them collected on monthly page, the links to which are just below the day's tip over there to the right.

Tax rates, income brackets: Here are the 2014 tax rates and income tax brackets. Yes, it is 2015, but you need the 2014 data to file your 2014 tax returns due in a month.

2014 tax rates and income brackets

Tax Rate Single  Head of Household Married Filing Jointly 
or Surviving Spouse
Married Filing Separately
10%  Up to $9,075   Up to $12,950   Up to $18,150   Up to $9,075
15%  $9,076 
 to $36,900
  to $49,400
to $73,800
to $36,900
25%  $36,901 
 to $89,350
  to $127,550
to $148,850
to $74,425
28%  $89,351 
 to $186,350
  to $206,600
to $226,850
to $113,425
33%  $186,351 
 to $405,100
  to $405,100
to $405,100
to $202,550
35%  $405,101 
 to $406,750
  to $432,200
to $457,600
to $228,800
39.6%  $406,751 or more   $432,201 or more   $457,601 or more   $228,801 or more

Tax calendar to-do lists: There's also the monthly tax tip calendar over there in the right column, just under the tax deadline countdown clock.

The current month's tax to-do list is featured. You also can check out the highlighted tax moves to make for January, February and March.

State tax, too: Don't forget about your state tax responsibilities. Most of the 43 states that collect some sort of income tax follow the IRS' April due date. You can get more on your locale's filing requirements from your state's tax office.

You also can check out the various state tax blog posts for notable state tax news.

Searches and archived tax info: Finally, you can use the search box, about mid-way down the right column, or check out the ol' blog's archives.

All my posts since the very first one on Nov. 14, 2005, are these in neat monthly archived collections.

But what you'll probably want to do is scroll down past those for the category listings. Those links will take you to all my posts in those various tax areas.

Now I've got to get back to the craziness that is my Monday, a month out from the filing deadline. I hope yours is going better and if you're as tax-swamped as I am right now, that this information will help you out a bit.


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