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Daily Tax Tips 2015 are here!

Finger_pointing to rightWith the arrival of a new year comes a new tax season. And while the Internal Revenue Service doesn't officially kick off the 2015 filing season until Jan. 20, here at the old blog we're getting a head start with the return of our annual Daily Tax Tips feature.

Whether you're working on your 2014 tax return yourself or turning your tax tasks over to a professional, you'll want to check out the Daily Tax Tip. It will be there at the top of the ol' blog's right column through the April 15 filing deadline.

Kicking off the 2015 tips list is a look at some tax matters you should consider in 2015. It's sort of a companion piece to my recent review of the 2014 tax year, and it's a good way to ease into the new filing season.

With that bit of tax warm-up done, then most of January's subsequent tax tips will be more practical pieces to help folks file their 2014 returns, especially those champing at the tax bit to turn in their 1040s as soon as the 2015 filing season opens on Jan. 20.

As 2015 progresses, the tax tips for February, March and April will cover more complicated filing matters, as well as offer advice on how to save on your 2015 taxes.

Weekday tips only in 2015: As most of the ol' blog's readers know, I am contributing tax editor and chief tax reporter for Bankrate.com. 

And as most of the ol' blog's readers also know, I'm all about working smarter, not harder. So the Monday through Friday daily tax tips will link back to featured pieces of advice from Bankrate's annual tax guide.

And, one more time, as most of the ol' blog's readers also know, I have a fabulous hubby who has put up with supported my tax geekiness for more than three decades. 2015 is the year the hubby literally gets a tax break.

My one New Year's resolution for 2015 is to better balance personal and work life. So I've resolved to spend more time this year (and beyond) with the hubby, especially on weekends. Really together time. Not just sitting side-by-side on the couch while one of us, usually me, is also on the laptop.

To keep that resolution/promise to the hubby, I won't be writing additional weekend tax tips.

Oh, I'll still be blogging on Saturdays and Sundays; I'm still a total tax geek. But I found in prior years that I tended to do a blog post and a tip. That's way too much time away from the man who's helped make my tax and writing pursuits possible.

Thanks for your understanding. And if you find yourself some weekend missing the Daily Tax Tips, you can always find the tax tidbits on special blog pages for each month.

The January Daily Tax Tips page is waiting for you now. The blog page tax tip collections for February, March and April 2015 will go up as soon as those months arrive.


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