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Daily Tax Tip #2: A tax quiz!

Finger_pointing to rightI'm not going to start every day of the 2015 filing season plugging the Daily Tax Tips feature. I promise.

But because it's the first full week back at work for most of us, and that's a typically chaotic time (like doing taxes!), I want to make sure that readers of the o'l blog remember to check out the upper right corner of the home page for new tax tidbits each day through April 15.

Plus, today's tip is a tax quiz. It's not hard, and is a good way to ease into the tax frame of mind.

One final reminder: If you miss a tip, which I plan (hope!) to get posted relatively early each day, you can find each month's tips collected on their own special page. January's tax tips page is underway; February, March and April will be posted as soon as those months arrive.


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