Election Day 2014: House, Senate, state tax initiatives at stake
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Tax reform a big factor for mid-term election voters

Elections-Vote-ButtonMost of us won't vote on tax-related ballot initiatives today, but taxes still will guide our choices, according to a recent poll.

Public Opinion Strategies' (POS) national pre-election survey found that tax reform is a major concern for most voters.

Overall, the Alexandria, Virginia-based political and public affairs research firm found that economic issues will be a deciding factor in how people vote today.

Nearly all voters (96 percent) say economic issues are important to their vote. Almost three-quarters (74 percent) classify economic issues as "extremely" or "very important" in determining how they will cast their ballots.

That sentiment was expressed by a solid majority of Democratic, Republican and Independent respondents.

Narrowing the economic issue down a bit, taxes also are getting a lot of voter attention.

POS pollsters asked the 800 likely voters it talked to via telephone between Oct. 30 and Nov. 2 to rank seven different options Congress could consider to help create jobs and improve the economy.

Simplifying the tax code won. More understandable, accessible tax laws were supported by more than eight out of 10 voters, with 62 percent strongly favoring a tax law revamp.

Tax reform a top voter concern in POS Pre-Election 2014 Poll

Cutting federal spending came in second with 74 percent overall approval.

Do these findings mesh with your Election Day and federal legislative concerns?


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Interesting results, thanks. I’m surprised the idea of a FairTax system isn’t gaining traction with these types of results coming in from the electorate.

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