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Tax crimes, in the U.S. and internationally

It was global tax crime time last week at my other tax blog.

Bankrate Taxes Blog icom In Russia, one of the contractors who helped get Sochi ready for the last Winter Olympics is facing tax evasion charges.

Oleg Shishov, CEO of the building firm Mostovik, is accused of falsifying tax documents from 2009 to 2012 in order to avoid paying more than 515 million rubles, or $10.9 million U.S., in taxes. Shishov could face up to six years in a Russian prison if convicted.

Closer to home, 18 South Florida college students were among 21 indivudals charged with participating in a $1.9 million identity theft tax refund fraud scheme. Seventeen of those charged have been arrested.

Investigators from the Department of Justice, Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Postal Inspection Service and Social Security Administration cracked the ring, which allegedly used more than 1,000 student accounts at Miami Dade College. The refunds resulting from the fake filings, say federal officials, were deposited into various bank accounts controlled by the defendants.

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