Tax Day 2014, the sequel: Oct. 15 Filing Extension Panic
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Tax return filing.

The IRS has estimated that implementing all of the bill's changes will require creating or revising about 450 forms, publications and instructions.

We've seen some of those suggested form changes already, like the technically shorter but realistically longer from many new Form 1040. And we've seen the IRS punt when it comes to one document, the proposed new W-4, that isn't needed file an annual tax return.

In addition, Uncle Sam's tax collector also must modify around 140 information technology systems to ensure that it can handle all the newly revised tax forms.

That's a lot for the IRS to take care of even before it gets to processing around 140 million tax returns in 2019. And some are worried the agency might not be up to the task.

don't make these tax filing mistakes.

used the correct IRS forms. Forms are being updated.

Look for the proper forms for your filing status. If you need help, contact a tax professional.

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