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When it comes to crime, imitation is the easiest way to get quick ill-gotten gains.

Take, for example, the latest tax scam causing problems for some New Yorkers.

Sorry-wrong-numberState tax officials say scammers who claim to work for an attorney are calling New York taxpayers and offering to help them settle their outstanding state tax debts.

More like helping to put honest taxpayer money into crooks' pockets.

Sound familiar?

For months, con artists pretending to be Internal Revenue Agents have been calling folks nationwide, demanding money the callers say the call recipients owe Uncle Sam.

That scam, says the IRS, is the largest tax con ever.

With such a claim to infamy, it's no surprise that some crooks are taking the scam local.

Don't fall for either version.

Like the IRS, New York officials say they always mail an official notice about any due taxes before any call is made.

If you do get a call about an Empire State tax debt, don't give out any information to the scumbag caller. Instead, contact the New York Department of Taxation and Finance directly yourself if you have any concern that you might owe.

If it is a scam call, also be sure to file a complaint online with the New York state attorney general's office. Or you can call the AG's toll-free hotline at (800) 771-7755.

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