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Boo to this Halloween trick: scary state sales taxes on candy!

Last year, I forgot to buy Halloween candy. The hubby and I ate an early dinner, turned off all our lights and hid upstairs until the trick-or-treaters finished their rounds.

This year, our house smells like chocolate!

Halloween candy bowl 2014
Our Halloween candy bowl! I was smart enough to wait until this morning to open the bags of candy. That will ensure we'll have enough for the kiddies.

Embracing Oct. 31 traditions: I hate that we missed out on Halloween last year.

We are child-free, but we get a kick out of the tradition, especially the very young kids making their first costumed forays. They're either enthusiastically into the whole "I get candy!" vibe or terrified. Either reaction is amusing.

It's also a good way to get a different perspective on the neighborhood kids, even the older ones who aren't quite ready to let go of childhood ways.

An added grocery tape tax: We have a good number of kids on our block, so I buy a lot of candy. I don't want to short the little beggars. And I definitely hate running out of treats.

So I shell out a bit more money, including taxes, on Halloween goodies.

I'm not alone. According to Florida TaxWatch and the Tax Foundation, Texas is one of 29 states that collect at least some tax on candy sales.

Halloween candy taxes nationwide via Florida TaxWatch Halloween candy taxes nationwide via Florida TaxWatch-2Graphic courtesy Florida TaxWatch, using Tax Foundation data.

In addition to the Lone Star State's 6.25 percent sales tax, we Austin residents also pay an extra 2 percent sales tax to the city.

But I don't mind. It's worth a few more pennies in October to see the young ghouls and goblins smile.

And it's a bargain to keep the older creatures of the night from toilet papering or egging our house!

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