Extended tax filing deadlines for certain Colorado, Washington State and Massachusetts taxpayers
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Weekly Tax Tips are back!

Finger_pointing to right For most of us, tax filing season 2014 is over. Around 10 million of us, however, asked the Internal Revenue Service for more time, up to Oct. 15, to send in our 1040s. And taxes are a constant consideration, especially if we want to make sure we pay Uncle Sam the smallest possible amount. So the Weekly Tax Tip is back!

Every Wednesday, starting today, April 16, and going through the end of the year, you'll find a featured tip in the upper right column of the ol' blog. Check it out for ways to finalize your 2013 return if you got an extension, cut your 2014 tax bill, make filing in 2015 easier and take care of year-round tax year planning moves. And if you miss a day, you can visit the continually updated list of 2014 weekly tax tips.


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