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Here it is, almost time for me to post over at at Bankrate Taxes Blog and I've yet to note here on the ol' blog what topics I recently covered over there.

I'm blaming my delay on a persistent Daylight Saving Time hangover. Or the Polar Vortex. Or ...

Bankrate Taxes Blog iconWhatever the excuse reason, I'm finally getting to it. So without any special lead-in or futher ado, here's what I wrote about last week at my other tax blog.

First there was my look at the Internal Revenue Service's audit of three college bowls. Apparently, tax examiner interest was piqued by the Alamo, Gator and Fight Hunger bowls making a lot more money this past college football postseason than they did the year before.

And then later last week, I looked at the first official report of how much tax money Colorado has collected on legal marijuana sales. It was $2 million in Janurary, but that was less than many pot advocates had expected.

My additional tax thoughts over at Bankrate usually are posted each Tuesday (yes, later today!) and Thursday. If you happen to miss them then and there, you can always find a synopsis and links here the following weekend ... or when I'm really rushed, sometimes just in the nick of time before the next week's items go live! 


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