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Well, this apparently is the week of change here at the ol' blog.

Regular readers know that I've been posting a Tax Carnival here on a more or less regular basis since June 2006.

Carnival and stop signThe time has come, however, to put the Tax Carnival on hiatus.

I've enjoyed the interaction with tax and personal finance bloggers. The carnival has personally provided me with a look at other folks' tax takes, which is always a good thing.

But as the saying goes, life just insists on keeping on keeping on.

I had already cut back from biweekly carnival postings to monthly. And I had fully intended to get the February collection of tax posts up today as scheduled.

But when I finally took a break from my other commitments, I realized that today is almost over. And that was my sign that it's time to give the Tax Carnival a break.

I appreciate all the support over the last seven and a half years for the Tax Carnival. When/if things change, I'll definitely reconsider resurrecting the feature.


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