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Bankrate Taxes Blog icon It's the weekend before Christmas. That means most of us have a lot to do.

So I'm cutting to the chase with my report on what I blogged about last week at my other tax blog.

Most of the travel this time of year is of a personal nature, but some folks are on the road for business. And they are likely to pay more in taxes.

The latest annual study by the Global Business Travel Association Foundation, noted in one of my Bankrate Taxes Blog posts, found that car rental, hotel and meal taxes in the top 50 U.S. travel destination cities increased the 2013 total tax bill for travelers by 58 percent.

More tax news last week at the personal finance website's blog covered the announcement that the 2014 federal tax filing season will begin on Jan. 31. The delay, which the Internal Revenue Service had already warned us was imminent, is 10 days later than the agency originally planned to start accepting 2013 returns.

If you miss my tax thoughts at, usually on Tuesday and Thursdays, you can always find a synopsis here on the ol' blog the following weekend.

When you get -- or want -- a break from wrapping presents and baking goodies and dealing with lovable but [insert your own Tolstoy family adjective here] relatives, check out those and other posts.

And then enjoy your holidays!

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